Microsoft Accuses Sony Of Reigniting The Console War

Is Sony pulling some Red Wedding-type moves?
Microsoft Accuses Sony Of Reigniting The Console War

Not too long ago, we saw the leaders of Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft's console divisions showing up on the main stage of the (definitely not shady) game awards to announce that they were totally bros now, or something. The following few years showed nothing but mutual displays of friendship and support between sony and Microsoft on social media. Did the two companies finally find a better, more mature way of competing, or were they just planning a surprise attack on their rival? Microsoft sure seems to think so, as it's now accusing Sony of giving money to video game companies so they reject Microsoft's offer to put their games on the Game Pass in a sly attempt to sabotage Microsoft's growth.

Oh, oops, wrong tweet.

Yeah, that's better. The Game Pass is Microsoft's biggest weapon, a Netflix-like service that grants subscribers access to most of its games, a selection that usually includes the biggest titles on the platform. This is the Xbox's most successful strategy in years, a service ballsy enough to allow Game Passers to play the entirety of the Halo Infinite campaign just for one dollar. Sony has already created a similar subscription service, but they know they just cannot compete with such a level of hubris.

That's especially funny because, even though it might be true, this accusation comes up at a time when we're seeing news that Sony is accusing Microsoft's acquisition of Activision of being anti-competitive. Microsoft is no stranger to being so big it can only play the game of monopoly on an earth-shaped and sized board, but the truth of the matter is that Microsoft isn't even taking Activision games away from the Playstation to make them Xbox exclusive - though they might be reconsidering that right now.

Top Image: Sony

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