'The Game Awards' Seem To Only Care If You're Big

Will The Game Awards bring up the industry's still burning dumpster fire?
'The Game Awards' Seem To Only Care If You're Big

Remember 2015, when everyone thought Konami was the worst gaming company in the world? Well, in our defense, it really did seem like they were worthy of such distinction. Among many other things, the company's top guys prohibited Hideo Kojima from attending The Game Awards following a falling out during the development of Metal Gear Solid V. Host Geoff Keighley decided to make up for it by inviting Kojima the following year to personally give him the belated award. ("Sorry, it was lag.")

What a wholesome (if a bit too show-offy) moment in a time when the world was blissfully oblivious to all the messy crap taking place everywhere in the gaming industry. Yes, while it is tough to imagine now, there was a time when most people believed other big game development companies were run by saints. We didn't know Ubisoft was allegedly filled with sex pests, and we didn't know Riot execs were accused of farting on workers' faces (on top of also being accused of being sex pests). Nowadays, it feels like a lot of big gaming companies are total cesspools – Activision Blizzard, for example

While you couldn't realistically address all of the victims, the 2021 Game Awards show would be the perfect stage for Game Awards host/creator Geoff Keighley to once again stand up to abuse and call out Activ-- Oh, wait, he totally announced he'd steer clear from that. 

Keighley stated that he wants to support employees as well as developers, which sounds like corporate side talk. Promoting developers and their games isn't the problem -- they're mostly made by the abused. The abusers usually just stay at the top, receiving the bigger paychecks as well as the credit. So why not promote the games while demanding Activision to whack their resident evils with their banhammer and to create and enforce better standards?

We wonder if the president of Activision having a big role in the event has anything to do with this.

Top Image: Activision Blizzard


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