More Bad News: Gaming Is Getting More Expensive

And we have Mark Zuckerberg to thank for that, again.
More Bad News: Gaming Is Getting More Expensive

A short while ago, Mark Zuckerberg once again reminded us all of his proficiency in somehow keeping on getting worse as he announced that the Occulus Quest 2, so far the most cost-effective Virtual Reality headset in the world, will get a price hike of $100. That's the kind of thing that sure as hell shouldn't be happening with products that have been on the market for quite some time, especially when the hike amounts to one-third of the device's current cost. Even though he paired the announcement with some bullcrap excuse about the need to help further the development of VR tech, this is an absolute scumbag move for many reasons. Regardless of his intentions, this heavy price hike is the excuse many companies were looking for to hop on the price-hike bandwagon.

When questioned, Sony said they won't share their current price strategy regarding the PS5, which is pretty grim as their strategy tends to be either maintaining the console's established price or just lowering it. This supposedly clear answer actually comes across as pretty daunting considering how Sony recently raised the price of most of its hottest consumer electronics, such as its cameras, speakers, and Blu-Ray players. The company cites the pandemic-driven chip shortage as the main catalyzer behind the price hike, but it's hard to imagine that Zuckerberg's push doesn't count as an incentive to dive all the way down to his level.

Microsoft has also declined to comment on the matter, which means we're either dealing with Microsoft's regular anti-socialness or that they're also considering raising the prices of their hardware.

Master Chief engraving on the Xbox Series X


Like, they did sell a console filled with Master Chief engravings a year before one goddamn game containing the Master Chief was made available for the console.

Not everything seems to be straight-up terrible, however, as Nintendo has announced that they don't plan on having any price increases in the future. Good, because Nintendo hardware is already pretty overpriced, especially when considering it cannot handle the modern summer heat.

Top Image: Sony

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