While some may say The Tonight Show didn't become The Tonight Show until Johnny Carson took the helm, the show itself has been around since the 1950s. Over the years hosts have had to write sketches at the speed of light, interview off putting guests and perform daily written stand-up monologues all on one show. Here are 20 hilarious moments from The Tonight Show over the past 70 years.

JayWalking: Citizenship Test

One of Jay Leno’s signature bits was his segment, “Jay Walking” giving the host/comedian the chance to interact with people off-script and on a one-on-one basis. This selection of Jaywalking featuring the US citizenship test is a special treat. Who doesn't love making people look stupid?

Jack Black & Jimmy Fallon Recreate The More Than Words Music Video

There is nothing like grabbing one of your best buddies, growing out your ponytails, painting your fingernails, and recreating one of the most intimate videos in music video history.

Johnny Carson Steals Letterman’s Truck

When Carson drove through letterman’s neighborhood and noticed what an eyesore his truck was, he decided to steal it and have it as a guest on his show.

The Chad Smith & Will Ferrell Drum Off

Chad Smith from the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Will Ferrell look nearly identical, leading to a years-long rivalry between the two. Thankfully Fallon facilitated a final drum off to put to rest who is the better drummer culminating in a recreation of Ferrell's classic cowbell sketch. Also, yes, Ferrell is totally playing those drums himself.

Johnny Carson Fights A Baboon

When Jim Fowler brings a baboon onto The Tonight Show, it is clear from the start that this was not the right monkey to bring on the show. Eventually, the monkey gets so riled up that he socks Carson right in the kisser. The whole bit ends with a pretty dynamite baboon impression from Johnny, or perhaps he's trying to hide that his lip is blowing up like a balloon.

Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon Ride A Rollercoaster

Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon face their fears and ride the Hollywood Rip Ride Rock It Rollercoaster at Universal Studios. The real treat starts when they board the rollercoaster, and their late-night personas fade away into actual fear.

Carson’s Signs To Grab The Audiences Attention

Carson felt that on New Year's Eve it was possible that some people may be partying too loudly to hear what was actually happening on the show, so he made these signs to grab the audience's attention.

Carrot Top on Leno

Say what you will about Carrot Top, but comedians know that he's got one of the most original acts on the market to this day. Here he is pre-shredded, showing off his toys on Leno all the way back in 1995.

Leno’s Stuff We Found On eBay

You’ll be blown away by the amount of money someone will spend on toast with the face of Obama burned into it, and we have Leno to thank for that information. Great to know where I can buy my next “Cup-O-Beard.”

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Top Image: NBC

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