15 Late-Night Appearances For The Hall Of Fame

The true test of a comedian: late night.
15 Late-Night Appearances For The Hall Of Fame

A spot on a late night show is really what sets apart the comedy best from the comedy rest. Sure the host and audience are on your side, but this is the time where celebrities show us just how funny they are as themselves (or a version of themselves at least). Here are 15 of the funniest late-night spots straight from the Comedy Hall of Fame.

Matt Damon Vs Jimmy Kimmel


The Feud between Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel had to make this list. A storied battle between the two entertainment giants dates all the way back to 2007 and has culminated into an all out comedic hatred resulting in the two becoming mortal enemies. 

To see the full feud, check out this playlist

Norm Macdonald & Courtney Thorne-Smith

“I bet board is spelled B-O-R-E-D.”

While Norm is the king of late night guests, I went with the infamous interview featuring Norm and Courtney Thorne-Smith where Norm absolutely obliterates her new movie on air. It could be mean-spirited if it wasn’t making everyone double over laughing, including Thorne-Smith. 

Paul Rudd: Mac And Me

You can’t do a talk show moments hall of fame without mentioning Paul Rudd’s Mac and Me runner. If you are unaware, every time Paul is on Conan, he cues up a clip from his new project, but always inevitably ends up showing a clip the same clip from the E.T. ripoff movie, Mac and Me. The bit has stayed continuous for nearly 20 years…thank God.

Nathan Fielder's Fake Anecdote

In this clip from Nathan For You it is shown that Nathan has spent thousands of dollars to create a funny situation that he can later tell a story about on Kimmel. All in an effort to be a more interesting talk show guest, no one watching knows that the story was completely fabricated and featured in Nathan’s show.

Kevin Hart vs Animals

Who could have seen it coming that Kevin Hart would not be good around exotic animals. Apparently the folks over at Fallon did not. The result is some of the most genuine fear ever caught on late night, and some of the biggest laughs.

Conan & Deon Cole's Soul Food Adventure

This is it. The stark contrast of Conan, to everyone else in this soul food restaurant is something crafted by God. The mountain of food and gravy just for Deon and Conan, and Conan’s loud obnoxious behavior in the restaurant will always bring us back to this video.

Aubrey Plaza on Everything

Because Aubrey doesn’t necessarily do “bits,” I’ve included this compilation of her best moments overall in talk shows. Plaza is an A1 guest that speaks with no filter, and is always guaranteed to surprise both host and audience in the funniest way possible.

Will Ferrell as Little Debbie

If there’s anyone who might challenge Norm Macdonald on being the greatest talk show guest of all time, I think it may be Will Ferrel. Will always comes with a bit ready to go with 100% commitment. If he’s taught us anything, it’s that a talk show spot isn’t just a time to plug your projects, it’s a time to do jokes you can only perform while on a talk show.

Ricky Gervais and Stephen Colbert Debate the Existence of God

This moment gets hall of fame treatment just for how out of left field it was. Who knows if it was discussed beforehand, but Colbert steers the conversation towards religious debate. The clip is one to remember because it takes two comedians and throws them into a small theological debate on national television. Not something you see everyday.

Peewee Herman and Joan Rivers

One of my favorite clips of both Joan Rivers and Paul Reubens in their prime. The electricity between the two is evident, and it just shows how quick Reuben’s truly was in his heyday. Even Cracked magazine gets a shoutout (for better or worse).

Bill Burr on Conan

Bill Burr may be controversial, but there’s no denying he is a fantastic late night guest. No one appears to make Conan genuinely laugh like Burr can. A mix of “that’s hilarious” and “Oh God, what’s he going to say next.” fills these interviews with unforgettable comedy.

The Many Impressions Of Charlyne Yi 

A guest I don’t think get’s enough credit is the few spots Charlene Yi had on Conan. Every interview is hilarious and awkward (in the best way). The best example of this is Yi’s impression of a turtle that makes Conan laugh so hard he has to clutch his own heart.

Bryan Cranston’s Super Sweet 60

In honor of Cranston’s 60th birthday, Kimmely put together this small clip of Bryan preparing for his super sweet 60. Cranston’s acting harkens back to his silliness as Hal in Malcolm in the Middle and makes us remember how comedically talented he truly is. 

Zach Galifianakis’ Entrances

Zach Galifinakis has a tradition of entering Conan’s stages in the most insane ways possible. Falling through the ceiling, Breaking through the bottom of Conan’s desk, and ripping through Andy’s stomach have all cemented Galifinakis as king of the late night entrance.

Robin Williams on Carson

Seeing Robin Williams on Carson is a stark reminder of why he was so popular. The electricity in everything he does is palpable and the rate with which he spews comedy is astounding. You could watch his stand-up, or this guest spot. They’re the same thing.

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