20 Of The Most Evil People In Sitcoms

The sitcom characters we love to hate.
20 Of The Most Evil People In Sitcoms

Sometimes shows don't want to showcase characters who always do the right thing, thus enter the anti-heroes and characters we love to hate. Their comedy flows from a defiance of social taboos and ego-maniacal thinking. Here are 20 evil characters who constantly steal the show.

Pierce Hawthorne: Community


The Pierce character is seemingly not a stretch for the actor, Chevy Chase. The elderly, racist, sexist and selfish study group member became the series' main antagonist in the third season with such transgressions as nearly driving Fat Neal to suicide in the lost Dungeons and Dragons episode and betraying the study group on multiple occasions for feeling left out. 

Kenny Powers: East Bound And Down

Kenny Powers is a guy you love to hate. A true anti-hero, Kenny Powers tried to chase glory with an ego so huge it becomes his Achilles heel. Danny McBride described that he, “grew up around these alpha-male rednecks and all these dudes with this crazy confidence that didn’t really have anything to back it up. Kenny’s an amalgamation of the people that we were intimidated by growing up.”

Stewie Griffin: Family Guy

Stewie Griffin's whole personality was that of a baby evil genius for the first few years of Family Guy but has slid into more of just a neutral genius at this point in the series. But when Stewie was at his best he was making weather devices and mind control ray guns, all while constantly trying to kill his mother. 

Cartman: South Park

Comedy Central

Cartman has taken on the role of the antagonist several times over the course of the South Park series, with some of his most evil moments being when he fed Scott Tenorman's own parents to him and summoned Cthulhu from the sea to destroy all of San Francisco. The only person who can possibly stop him is Cesar Millan.

Newman & George: Seinfeld


Newman is the arch-nemesis of Jerry in Seinfeld, but according to a Twitter poll, George was voted the most immoral of all the recurring Seinfeld cast members. George certainly shows signs of a lack of empathy, considering he was ecstatic his fiancé died so he could call Marisa Tomei. Newman seems to be drawn to chaos, like murdering dogs or attempting to eat Kramer. 

Reese: Malcolm In The Middle

Reese is the definition of a sociopath. He’s the king of school bullies, a seeker of chaos, and a whirlwind of destruction. While he does have redeeming moments in the show, such as bullying all the bullies, it's hard to not judge him knowing he has several laws named after him.

The Janitor: Scrubs

The Janitor may not be evil to everyone, but he certainly is to JD. The Janitor spends nearly every on-screen appearance of the show thinking of ways to torture the intern turned MD. The most evil of which could be a tie between locking JD in a water tower and having JD help him move only to reveal they’ve actually been robbing an Asian family’s home.

Dennis Reynolds: It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia


You can’t hear the D.E.N.N.I.S. System and think that Dennis Reynolds is in any way sane. While a case could be made for any number of characters from the show being evil, Dennis has to take the cake with his massively inflated ego, constant manipulation of the gang, and creepy relations with women. They may not outright say he’s evil, but they don’t have to. It's obvious.

Mr. Burns: The Simpsons

From blocking out the sun, to stealing candy from a baby, to attempting to murder Bart and Grandpa Abe, Mr. Burns is one of the most iconic evil sitcom characters in the business.  Burns famously said, “Family, religion, friendship. These are the three demons you must slay if you wish to succeed in business.”

Tammy Swanson: Parks And Rec


Tammy Two on Parks and Rec serves no purpose on this earth other than to make Ron’s life hell. Nick Offerman’s actual wife Megan Mullally took on the role of Ron’s sex-obsessed ex-wife and gave us great lines like, “You're not fooling me, Ron. This little domestic charade of yours hasn't changed you one bit. You're still the same old Ron Swanson, and I will defeat you. I will defeat you right into my pants.” 

Devon Banks: 30 Rock

The arch-rival of Jack Donaghy, Devon Banks, butts heads with Jack at every turn seemingly just to prove he can beat him. He battles him for the CEO spot of Cable Town and GE, and helps Jack’s second nemesis Kaylee Hooper as she attempts to take down Donaghy. A favorite quote is, “There is no meeting today. See, I convinced the board to have an emergency meeting last night. I tried to call you, but not on a phone, so you may not have heard me.”

Larry David: Curb Your Enthusiasm

Larry definitely falls into the category of “bad guy who you still root for” type of character. He represents all the little rude and bitter thoughts we have that we would never say aloud. He may not be mad scientist evil, but he certainly isn’t supposed to be inspiring us.

Will Wheaton: The Big Bang Theory


Will Wheaton was the bane of Sheldon Cooper's existence ever since his first appearance in the third season of the sitcom. Wheaton tweeted about liking the show and was quickly contacted by executive producer Steven Molaro who asked him to appear in the series.

Dwight Schrute: The Office

Dwight isn’t evil all the time but he certainly has evil tendencies. Dwight loves the idea of being a supervillain, as soon as he gets the job of regional manager he paints his entire office black and adds a piranha tank just to feel the power of evil flow through him. 

Rick Sanchez: Rick and Morty

Rick is quite literally an evil genius. His history of wiping Morty's Memories, ruling over a microverse for fuel, and risking the lives of his family on a constant basis surely calls for a time out lasting years.

George Bluth: Arrested Development


While George Bluth was good at making money, the legality of how he did so is up for questioning. His methods for keeping himself safe/wealthy always come before the needs of others. Bluth sent his brother to prison, tricked his kids into thinking they were constantly causing a man to have his arm chopped off and committed millions of dollars in fraud. 

Ace: Girls

Lena Dunham’s Girls saw one of Zachary Quinto’s best performances as the self-obsessed hipster Brooklyn boy, Ace. Ace turns the lives of the leads upside down, with Vulture describing him as, “Ace’s most productive function on the show is giving us a glimpse into how intolerable our four leads would be taken as a whole. Individually, they are flawed, but still human beings. Ace, on the other hand, is maybe a monster?”

Sue Sylvester: Glee


Sue Sylvester was the evil cheerleading coach turned principal in Glee, who worked non-stop to make the lives of those around her hell. In the context of the show, she was as evil as they come, falsely accusing Beiste of sexual assault, and disbanding the Glee Club in season five.

Joy Turner: My Name Is Earl

Joy Turner immediately tries everything in her power to get Earl Hickey’s money after he wins the lottery in the pilot episode. Although the relationship does sweeten over time, before that point Joy tries to steal the money by any means necessary even if that means Earl has to die.

The Vulture: Brooklyn 99

The Vulture swoops in and solves cases that are almost solved and takes the credit for them. What's worse is he is evil on the wrong side of the law. He tried to ruin Jake and Amy's Relationship, cheats on his fiancee, and is best friends with the Fyre Festival guy, Billy MacFarland. Do not accept a drink from The Vulture, he gives off that kind of vibe.

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