Curb Your Enthusiasm: 15 Super-Cringey Larry Moments

Larry just can't seem to stay out of trouble.
Curb Your Enthusiasm: 15 Super-Cringey Larry Moments

It's hard to say if Curb Your Enthusiasm's Larry David is a bad person, or just misguided. One thing is for sure, and that is that he always does things most of us would be ashamed of (or be caught doing at least). Here are 15 times the curmudgeon/comedian made everyone cringe. 

Stealing Flowers From The Funkhouser Memorial

Curb Your Enthusiasm Flower Thief


After the passing of Marty Funkhouser’s mother, a roadside memorial is set up to honor her passing. Larry, whilst getting in trouble with several women around town decides to start stealing flowers from the memorial to give as make-up gifts…until Marty catches on. I can understand doing this to a strangers memorial, but someone you know? Too far!

Stealing Shoes From The Holocaust Museum

Curb Your Enthusiasm Holocaust Shoes


Larry, in an attempt to not have to walk around in socks all day after stepping in dog poop, steals a pair of shoes from a massive pile at the Holocaust Museum. There’s really no way to explain your way out of this one, Larry.

Telling Jeff’s Daughter To Shut The F*ck Up

When Jeff and Susie’s daughter Sammy sings a song as a gift to Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen, Larry starts applauding in the middle of her song to make her terrible singing come to an early end. He later screams at her to “shut the f*ck up!“ when he stays over at their house. It's O.K. to think it, but not a good idea to yell it.

Faking A Disability To Keep People From Moving Into His Office

After being inspired by a man who fakes muscular dystrophy to cut in line at a movie theater, Larry adopts the same practice to keep people from moving into the office across from his. Luckily he is caught and punished for his acts when word spreads of the gerbil in his butt.

The Spite Store

Curb Your Enthusiasm Spite Store


Larry and Mocha Joe have never seen eye to eye, but when Larry is dissatisfied with Mocha Joe's soft scones and cold coffee, he decides to open a “spite store” next door to run Mocha Joe out of business. Larry is the king of petty, especially when it comes to a multi-millionaire attempting to shut down a small business out of spite.

Stealing A Golf Club From A Dead Person

When Marty Funkhouser's father dies, he's buried with one of Larry's golf clubs by accident. However, during the funeral Larry notices and hatches a plan to steal the five wood from the dead body and replace it with Jeff’s, and of course, it does not work out.

The Lemonade Stand Refund

After Larry is dissatisfied with a $1 cup of lemonade from a children's lemonade stand, he demands they give him his money back and says that he plans to report them. It appears no matter the net worth of Larry David, he will still do anything to save a buck.

He Wouldn’t Give A Kidney To Richard Lewis

When Richard Lewis desperately needed a kidney to save his life, Larry along with several of other of Lewis’s friends try their best to NOT be the one to give it to him. Although if the tables were turned, we all know Lewis would be doing the same thing.

Didn’t Help Jeff’s Drowning Daughter

When Jeff and Susie go for a walk on the beach, they ask Larry to watch their daughter Sammy while she’s in the ocean. When Sammy starts to DROWN Larry is hesitant to go in the water because he doesn’t want to get his Blackberry wet. Thankfully, Jeff jumps in to save Sammy.

Driving Someone To Suicide

Larry, while it may be semi-accidental, did end up driving his friend Yoshi to attempt suicide. Larry insisted that Yoshi’s father, a former kamikaze pilot was a failure because he never really ‘finished the job’.

Tried To Break Up With His Girlfriend Before She Got Cancer

Curb Your Enthusiasm Cancer Doctor


When Loretta Black, Larry's girlfriend at the time, is awaiting a cancer diagnosis, Larry does everything in his power to break up with her before she officially has cancer. According to his logic, he didn’t sign up to take care of a cancer patient .

Talked A Surrogate Into Keeping The Baby

At a baby shower, Larry is the only person to bring the surrogate mother a gift. He then proceeds to tell her a story about Wanda Sykes's script referring to it as Wanda’s “baby,” saying how studios take your baby and never give it back. He adds that by the time the “baby” is older, it will be so different she won't be able to recognize it. It seems that Larry offers up at least three apologies per episode.

He Flaunted A Woman In A Wheelchair

Curb Your Enthusiasm Wheelchair


After Larry accidentally asks out a handicapped woman before realizing she was in a wheelchair, he soon realizes that people treat him better when they see him in proximity to her. He flaunts her about town to get some brownie points with his colleagues, but when he ends up losing her number he invites a different wheelchair-bound woman as his date to an event. Only to run into the first woman in a wheelchair again with his replacement.

He Invited A Sex Offender To Dinner

Curb Your Enthusiasm Sex Offender


Larry makes a new friend to talk about golf with in his neighborhood, the only problem is he’s a registered sex offender. Despite that, Larry decides to invite him over for Seder dinner. The scene climaxes at the moment Sammy chokes and the sex offender is the only one who knows mouth to mouth.

Told A Domestic Abuse Victim She's Too Big To Be Abused

Curb Your Enthusiasm Safe House


Larry visits a neighboring battered women's shelter to apologize to one of the victims for being rude in the grocery store. While there he notices a larger woman and eventually confronts her when he assumes she lied about being abused to get a free stay at the house. He so eloquently says, “I don’t see anybody taking you down.”

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