'Elden Ring' Trolls Players With Gibberish Lyrics

The only secret message here is for players who look too deep into stuff.
'Elden Ring' Trolls Players With Gibberish Lyrics

Looking for deeper meaning in song lyrics has provided humankind with some of the most important insights of all time. That's how we learned that Led Zeppelin were sent by Satan, that KISS were also sent by Satan, that Limp Bizkit sucks at writing lyrics, and that Tupac wasn't murdered – he actually committed suicide for not being able to overcome the guilt of having murdered Kurt Cobain. Video game song lyrics are no different. Games from the Dark Souls series pay incredible attention not just to their lore but to the way it reveals itself to players. We know fans love this because they won't stop dissecting every single aspect of the series even though Elden Ring Director Hidetaka Miyazaki has gone as far as to entice them into looking for the secret meaning and uses of items that are actually just useless junk. Fans have discovered quite a lot of sometimes awesome, sometimes straight-up creepy Elden Ring secrets up to this point, so it's only natural that song lyrics would get their due at some point. One thing anyone can notice about the music from Elden Ring is that it absolutely slaps, 

another is that most of the songs contain lyrics, mysterious lyrics (or maybe just pretty explicit lyrics sung in a mysterious language). Magister Organi, a Redditor and a scholar (yes, a real one, for once), looked into it and found out that even though one of the songs (Song Of Lament) features lyrics in actual Latin, the language used in these lyrics is Latinish Gibberish. Yeah, not Latin but rather an AI-created language made to sound Latin and thus ancient and dramatic – or just to have a good laugh at the expense of the die-hard fans people constantly looking for deeper meaning in everything. Who knows.

Top Image: From Software, Xam3lpt

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