I Am Not Ready For Horror Games In Unreal Engine 5

Please stop developing them, they'll be too scary.
I Am Not Ready For Horror Games In Unreal Engine 5

Dread is my least favorite emotion. The icy, heart stopping, lizard brain activating deepest level of FEAR. It’s overwhelming and all encompassing. And buddy, are we going to be feeling it a lot in this next gen of games. The next generation of games is going to be the best ever in terms of graphics and hyper realistic story telling. And that is absolutely terrifying.

Every time I consume media with zombies involved in the story, I have zombie nightmares. Every. Single. Time. These versatile and well worn baddies aren’t going anywhere in gaming. And I hate that. Plus with genius composers like Bear McCreary and Darren Korb writing incredible game music, you know the atmospheric vibe in the next gen games is only going to get better.

Unreal Engine 5

See? Developers can make a game about a robot, no need to do a ghost story, I beg of you.

I’m also super jumpy. The number of times I have literally been scared by my own shadow is purely ridiculous. I don’t know if it’s an evolutionary advantage or a by-product of some childhood trauma, but I’m mad jumpy. So when the previews for Unreal Engine 5 came out, I knew I was screwed.

The horror games that are being developed, probably at this very moment, are going to be so, so scary. Don’t even get me started on VR. Because of my questionable life choices, I find myself writing about and playing video games for a living. So I’ll inevitably have to play one of these gorey, well made, games of the year. I’m terrified. On top of that, you know those freaky devs and game writers are cooking up some messed up psychological stuff. The twisted minds of millennials who were told as kids that they could be anything and now have lived for over a decade worrying that they’re one appendectomy away from homelessness are gonna have some seriously f***ed takes on the horror genre.

I am not ready for horror games in Unreal Engine 5. The graphics are going to be too good, the storytelling will be too world class, and I will simply be pissing myself with fear. If you’re a freaky deak and you actually LIKE incredibly immersive, artfully crafted horror games, then you’ll probably have a great time. When the Unreal Engine 5 horror games start coming out though, I’ll be shaking and crying under the duvet. 

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