12 Best In Show Characters You Might Be (Based On Your Zodiac Sign)

What fate have the stars decided for you?
12 Best In Show Characters You Might Be (Based On Your Zodiac Sign)

Each character in Best in Show is emotionally diverse and special in their own way. Lovers, fighters and even former circle walkers make up this classic ensemble comedy by Christopher Guest. Now is the time to figure out which unforgettable character you are most similar to based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Christy Cummings

Jane Lynch Best In Show

Castle Rock Entertainment

Aries love to be number one, so it should be no surprise that you are none other than Christy Cummings. Your bold and ambitious nature leads you to dominate the competition (most of the time) and take leaps of faith like kissing your business partner in the heat of competition.

Taurus: Stefan Vanderhoof

Michael Mckean Best In Show

Castle Rock Entertainment

Taurus enjoy the finer things in life, relaxing nights at home with their partner, singing songs to their dogs over the phone and photographing their pets for charitable shih-tzu movie themed calendars. Taurus are Stefan Vanderhoof, the intellectual yet zen type.

Gemini: Cookie Fleck

Cookie Fleck Best In Show

Castle Rock Entertainment

Geminis are spontaneous, playful and adorably erratic, just like Cookie Fleck. They are driven by their insatiable curiosity, so much so that they may have even had hundreds of boyfriends in high school. What? We told you they were playful.

Cancer: Meg Swan

Parker Posey Best In Show

Castle Rock Entertainment

Cancers are highly intuitive and intellectual, but just like the crab, they have a hard outer shell to protect their emotions. Just like Meg Swan they may only truly open up in therapy, when discussing “The Congress of the Cow.” Also, never lose a cancer’s busy bee.

Leo: Scott Donlan

John Michael Higgins Best In Show

Castle Rock Entertainment

What happens when you mix passion, loyalty and infamous dramatics? You get Scott Donlan, the obvious Leo. Leos love the spotlight and celebration, almost as much as they love stitching homemade fiery leather pants. Leos love to pack 8 kimonos to be in Philadelphia for 48 hours. Quick piece of advice for Leos, find a Stefan to tame your wild energy. 

Virgo: Hamilton Swan

Hamilton Best In Show

Castle Rock Entertainment

Virgos are logical, practical and systematic in their approach to life, which makes them akin to Hamilton Swan. Virgos are drawn to the material world, they love things like J. Crew catalogs, sitting in Starbucks on their Macs, and charcoal mock turtlenecks. Virgos do much better with pugs than weimaraners. 

Libra: Harlan Pepper

Harlan Pepper Best In Show

Castle Rock Entertainment

Balance, harmony and justice are the characteristics of the gentle Libra. If Harlan Pepper isn’t a Libra then I don’t know how believable astrology really is. Libras, just like Harlan, love to name every nut, retire to the woods for quiet walks with their bloodhounds, and learn the ancient art of ventriloquism.

Scorpio: Sherri Anne Cabot

Sherri Anne Cabot Best In Show

Castle Rock Entertainment

Scorpio are often the most misunderstood of the signs, a combination of mysterious, emotion-driven and elusive. Sherri Anne Cabot’s history of floating through life enjoying the finer things makes her the perfect candidate. Sherri Anne is the queen of “never let them know your next move.” If I can give any advice to Scorpios, marry rich, wear tiaras, and start a magazine with your lesbian lover. 

Sagittarius: Buck Laughlin

Fred Willard Best In Show

Castle Rock Entertainment

This fire sign is always on the search for knowledge, while still being the life of the party. Buck Laughlin elegantly portrays these traits with great sophistication. Sagittarius have inventive ideas like a calendar of women washing their dogs, and dressing up bloodhounds like Sherlock Holmes (pipe included). On a side note, how much do you think they can bench press?

Capricorn: Gerry Fleck

Eugene Levy Best In Show

Castle Rock Entertainment

Just like Gerry Fleck, Capricorns realize that dedication, patience and perseverance are the best way to have a happy and successful life. They don’t give up on anything whether it be dog shows or walking in a straight line. Some may be quiet, but that doesn’t stop them from marrying the prettiest girl in high school.

Aquarius: Dr.Theodore W. Millbank III

Bob Balaban Best In Show

Castle Rock Entertainment

Aquarius are revolutionary and innovative, so innovative in fact that they may head the biggest dog show in the country. Yes it’s a smaller role in the movie but hey, there's only so much main cast and no one else really fits here. Aquarius are Bob Balaban, deal with it.

Pisces: Ed Begley Junior Hotel Manager

Ed Begley Junior Best In Show

Castle Rock Entertainment

Pisces are the most intuitive and empathetic of all the signs, leading to the conclusion that Ed Begley Junior as the hotel manager, must be a pisces. Out of the kindness of his heart this man allowed the Flecks to stay in the spare janitors closet, much like letting the virgin mary sleep in the manger. He’s smart, polite and empathetic, helping search for the missing busy bee. Someone should be so lucky to be compared to this hotel manager.

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