Schitt's Creek is kind of the great-grandchild of Second City Television, the cult Canadian hit where Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara first collaborated in the 70s. But creator Dan Levy almost didn't ask his dad to be in the show, and Eugene almost didn't ask O'Hara to tag along. And you know what that means: gay clubs across North America almost didn't get the anthem of a generation, "A Little Bit Alexis."

Annie Murphy wrote A Little Bit Alexis with her husband. CRACKED COM Murphy's husband is in Canadian indie band Hollerado, and the power couple collabbed on the pop abomination.

Ted had to stand on a box to kiss Alexis. CRACKED COM Annie Murphy is just about as tall as Dustin Milligan, SO Milligan would often have to stand while she was sitting, or get a boost to appear taller when they smooched.

Alexis' signature broken wrist pose was based on the Kardashians. Actress Annie Murphy noticed the Kardashians (and other obvious influences, like Paris Hilton) would hold their purses with their elbows down, forearms out, and palms up. Alexis is in permanent purse-pose, tweaked slightly sO her plams are facing down.

The Simply the Best cover was arranged by the actor himself. CRACKED COM Noah Reierisongwriter crafting a to Tina Turner. They trusted him SO completely that the original script just said 'Patrick sings a surprisingly beautiful cover.

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There was surprisinigly little improv, for a Levy/ O'Hara joint. According to O'Hara, the Levy gentlemen give me respect, and I respect them. They did do some rewrites on the day of filming, but she didn't feel the need to improvise, because our scripts are great.

Catherine O'Hara rewrote her dialogue (using specialized dictionaries). CRACKED COM She decided early on I don't want to sound like a human. In the first season, her makeup artist gave her Foyle's Philavery: A Treasure of Unusual Words, which she would consult for rewrites. She didn't share it with the Levys

Moira Rose is based on the heir to the Guinness fortune. BOB CRACKED.COM When they were working out Moira's aesthetic, Catherine O'Hara brought in reference pictures of Daphne Guinness, a socialite and fashionista known for her outlandish wardrobe. Dan Levy thought they could just pull it off, with their limited

Emily Hampshire blacked out while auditioning for Stevie. She was pretty much at rock bottom when she booked the audition: out of work, getting divorced, and breaking out in hives at every audition. Dan and Eugene loved her audition, but Hampshire says she doesn't remember a single moment of

The homonymic name complicated promotion. Welotmne ta SCHITTS CREEK ne Whoo flola Lots of TV and radio hosts weren't allowed to say the word Schitt- for example, Stephen Colbert had to show the logo every time he mentioned it. The network foresaw this issue, and made Dan Levy prove

There are actually 3 Levys on the show. Dan and Eugene Levy are arguably the most famous father-son duo at the moment, but Dan's sister (and Eugene's daughter, if you can believe) is also a regular on thE show: Twyla the waitress. She's flanked by her dad and bro

The Roses are based on the Kardashians. Dan Levy had cO-hosted an aftershow for The HiIIs, SO he spent a lot of time thinking about reality stars. When he was coming up with Schitt's Creek, he asked himself would the Kardashians still be the Kardashians without their money?

We don't see the titular creek until the final season. Dan Levy was ready to end the series after 5 seasons, but had room to play when he was offered a 6th. He calls the final season a love letter to the fans, and made sure to sprinkle in

Catherine O'Hara only did the pilot as a favor to Eugene Levy. Levy called in a favor from his long-time collaborator, and she did the pilot, reluctantly, with no intention of joining if it got picked up to series.

Dany Levy had to ask fans not to visit Schitt's Creek during the pandemic. CRACKED COM In March 2020, Levy had to tweet out an appeal to fans who were roadtripping to the Ontario towns where they filmed to please not infect them with the plague.
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