Star Wars Is Omnipresent Now, Do We Really Need May The 4th

The internet is already 50 percent Star Wars.
Star Wars Is Omnipresent Now, Do We Really Need May The 4th

Today is the 4th of May. Or, as the internet incessantly and continuously refers to it as, May the 4th. More specifically, May The 4th Be With You, Star Wars Day, whatever the nom de plume of choice is. What this effectively means is that one out of every 3 social media posts today is going to be some Star Wars s***. Now, I’m not a big Star Wars guy. I liked a couple of the movies, but generally, I think Luke Skywalker is annoying and Darth Vader looks stupid. I know that’s enough of an unpopular opinion to ruin board game night, but whatever.

Whether other people like Star Wars is none of my concern. I’m not put on this Earth to judge the movie and tv tastes of others, and if Star Wars makes someone happy, more power to them. At this point, though, we can stop pretending that Star Wars is a niche interest or part of the nerd/sci-fi subculture. At this point, Star Wars is a massive, dominant force in entertainment. It’s no longer a series of movies but almost a stand-alone conglomerate. With the amount of content, reporting, and merchandise constantly being produced, Star Wars feels closer to the NFL or NBA than a movie trilogy.

Like those sports leagues, Star Wars is pretty much a topic of discussion year-round, at all times. If it’s not being discussed, it’s around in the form of memes or emotes, or a guy’s t-shirt in his profile picture. Which is why May the 4th is really starting to grate, personally. This is no longer a celebration of a cult classic. Star Wars has won. They will be creating spin-offs until the world goes dark. You will never want for Star Wars content again. So do you really need a special day to post even more about Star Wars than usual? It’s really starting to feel like a victory lap.

I’m not trying to rain on your parade. Keep posting memes and buying bad graphic tees at a discount. I’m just saying, it’s pretty much always Star Wars day when you’re on the internet.

Top Image: Wikimedia Commons/Disney


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