Jack Harlow joined Lizzo, Meghan Thee Stallion, and 33 others in some rare company this weekend, becoming one of the handful of SNL guests who has done double duty as both the host and featured musical act.  It’s a lot to juggle and some have done it better (much better) than others.  Here’s ComedyNerd’s power ranking of the 36 SNL double-duty hosts.

Frank Zappa

Zappa makes many “Worst SNL Host Ever” lists, telling the audience he was reading cue cards during his monologue and basically giving Lorne the middle finger with his ‘whatever’ sleepwalk through the show. Allegedly on the unofficial “banned for life” list. 

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Let’s just say he’s better in the Fast and Furious franchise than he was doing late-night sketch comedy.

Olivia Newton-John

She shows up in only one mediocre sketch in the edited Peacock version, so it’s hard to judge for people whose memories of 1982 are a little fuzzy.

Deborah Harry

She hosted during the ugly Season 6, so there wasn’t a lot of funny happening for anyone that year. She did get to do her monologue with Eddie Murphy in Cupid boxer shorts.


Halsey is … fine.  Nothing embarrassing, solid work. We just can’t remember any of her sketches. 


Lots of points for not punching Rob Schneider in the face during this sketch, and for having the only name that makes a Richmeister sketch funny.

Lady Gaga

Featured player John Milhiser never got much of a chance, but Lady Gaga’s best sketch was probably Milhiser’s career highlight as well.

Garth Brooks

Garth pulled double-duty twice, unless you believe Chris Gaines is a separate person. Pretty funny as a guy who would sell his soul to the devil -- if the devil was actually capable of writing a good love song.

Stevie Wonder

Not exactly a comedy genius, but a hit due to his rapport with Eddie Murphy. Eddie’s Stevie teaching the real Stevie how to sing like Stevie?  Classic.

Blake Shelton

OK, maybe Blake doesn’t have the most comic range in the world but if you play to his strengths, he kills it. Has there ever been a better music video parody that The Wishin’ Boot?


What Lizzo lacks in comedy acumen, she more than makes up for with “Damn, I’m happy to be here!” energy.  Ironically, our favorite part was the cut-for-time sketch when Aidy Bizzo channeled her inner Lizzo.

Britney Spears

Before her family locked her down for a decade or two, Britney showed promise as a comic actress.  She’s great as a butter churner at a colonial museum mixing it up with the Boston teens. Tommy, tell me you got that on camera.


The pride of Degrassi: The Next Generation has multiple hosting gigs under his belt, including one double-duty night.  He keeps getting asked back for a reason - here’s his hilarious L’il Wayne/Urkel hybrid.

Taylor Swift

She did such a good job in her hosting stint that it’s weird she hasn’t been asked back. She did a funny cameo in a recent Please Don’t Destroy video, just to make our point. 

Mick Jagger

Much better on his solo stint than when the entire Rolling Stones hosted. Great bit with Jimmy Fallon to open the show, and he slow-danced with Kristen Wiig on her last show ever. 
alone would get JT in the top five. So far, he’s the only musical host inducted into the Five-Timers Club, cementing his legacy as king of the double-duty hosts.  


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