Fan Discovers Witcher 3's Final Easter Egg, 7 Years After The Game Came Out

Get ready for a secret that's literally earth-shattering.
Fan Discovers Witcher 3's Final Easter Egg, 7 Years After The Game Came Out

Even though the world seems to be collapsing everywhere around us, there's no reason to believe things aren't going just according to plan because 7 years after the release of The Witcher 3, we got both the news that there's a new Witcher game coming, as well as the reveal that one fan has finally solved the game's last mystery! We'd love to go on about theorizing on how one of the events might have triggered the other RPG quest-style, but there's even more interesting stuff, like how this discovery also resulted in the complete annihilation of the game's world.

A few years ago, one of the game's devs at CD Projekt Red massively teased players by announcing that there was still one big Witcher 3 secret left to be discovered. Could it be the cries of crunched-up employees hiding in the depths of game code? Nope. While those might exist as well, this is about the long-unknown fate of one character who believes she'll die 7 years after the end of her questline.

Regular Vivienne

CD Projekt Red

That's Vivienne, a person who's basically a Werebird. We help her because she lives in a time before the Internet and therefore doesn't have access to forums where a lot of people will love her not despite, but especially because of her feathers. The supposed best outcome for the quest removes the curse but leaves Vivienne with the lifespan of a bird – or of a specific kind of bird that only lives for 7 years – in case not all types of birds live for exactly the same amount of time.

Vivienne in big bird form

CD Projekt Red

Why is it never Wereturtles? :( - Geralt Of Rivia in the game's saddest moment.

With no real way to know what's about to happen, fan xLetalis decided to do the “obvious” thing and hack the game 7 years into the future to see what would happen.

…and poor Vivienne dropped dead as soon as the clock hit 7 years past the end of her quest.

Vivienne after 7 year

CD Projekt Red

No explanation for her partially invisible legs, though.

xLetalis probably used the knowledge he got when attending the University of Metal Gear Solid Cheese, where moving the date to a future time would prevent players from having to fight a boss because it'll cause him to die from old age-itis. But there's no time to talk about that because Vivienne won't be the only person dying. The entire world of The Witcher 3 will begin collapsing left and right because it wasn't programmed to work that far into the future. 

CD Projekt Red

Huh, it's surprisingly consistent with their vision for Cyberpunk 2077

Just as funny is how this isn't even really news. Another fan had already made the discovery made back in 2020, but it went completely unnoticed because the sleuth made the mistake of only talking about it in German, a language most of us are just learning still is a thing.

Top Image: CD Projekt Red

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