Stephanie Beatriz Recorded A Song For Disney's 'Encanto' In The Middle Of Child Birth

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Stephanie Beatriz Recorded A Song For Disney's 'Encanto' In The Middle Of Child Birth

At the risk of talking about Bruno, let’s discuss the soundtrack for Disney’s Encanto. The songs for the hit cartoon about a super-powered family that aren’t The Incredibles were written by Hamilton scribe and Sopranos star Lin-Manuel Miranda. One of the tunes sung by the protagonist, Mirabel, is called “Waiting on a Miracle” all about how she’s yet to receive her familial powers. It’s a great song that you’d never guess was sung by a woman who was literally going through labor at the time …

According to actress Stephanie Beatriz, who plays Mirabel (and is perhaps best known as Rosa from Brooklyn Nine-Nine) she was actually in labor when she recorded that song. Which for some may conjure images of ghoulish Disney producers breaking into the delivery room with a microphone in tow, but the truth is admittedly less intense. Beatriz was experiencing contractions, and was scheduled to record her song, so she decided to go ahead with the session anyway, hoping that she could “finish the song before comes!”

Which is genuinely impressive, it’s like finding out that “Let if Go” was sung during labor, or “Part of Your World” was sung … during labor. Sorry, we can’t think of anything more intense than going through labor. And before we admonish the DIsney brass for pressuring their star into making Disney musical magic when they were about to deliver a baby, Beatriz didn’t actually tell her co-workers because she “didn’t want anyone to freak out.” She ended up giving birth the following day to a child who will, presumably some time in the future, force her to watch Encanto over and over and over again until Disney+ breaks in half, because that’s just how parenting works.

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