14 Unexpected Beginnings Of Famous People's Careers

Sometimes even celebrities have to pay their dues
14 Unexpected Beginnings Of Famous People's Careers

Before celebrities reached celebrity status, they had to pay their dues. And lucky for us, most of their dues are very public. Here are 14 roles of famous people before they were famous that may surprise you…

Lin-Manuel Miranda had a small role in The Sopranos In 2007 (one year before his Broadway debut of In The Heights) Miranda played a bellhop with one line on the iconic show. CRACKED.COM
Keanu Reeves was in a campy holiday movie with Drew Barrymore when The made-for-TV movie teaches kids the true meaning of Christmas: playing with toys. CRACKED.COM
Jack Gleeson played a cute kid in Batman Begins Before he was Joffrey, he was just an innocent li'l kid. CRACKED.COM
James Corden was in Lesbian Vampire Killers Before he was in such high quality movies as CATS and The Emoji Movie, Corden starred in this trash horror flick. CRACKED.COM
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