People Keep Hanging Hammocks On Power Lines

People Keep Hanging Hammocks On Power Lines

Move over, raw cookie dough snackers and bathtub hair dryers – it seems we have a new contender for the highly-coveted Darwin award – the death-wish-bearing ruffian(s) who decided a high-voltage tower in the northern Utah city of Pleasant View, was the perfect place to hang their hammock time and time again. 

“There are 75,000 kilovolts that run through those power lines. It’s an extreme danger – not only the fall risk but also the electricity," Lt. Cortney Ryan explained to local CBS News affiliate, KUTV of the recurring problem. 'The power can actually jump from the lines and strike somebody,” 

As such, Ryan says that local law enforcement will begin enforcing laws regarding trespassing near the structure. “The last thing we want it is somebody to get hurt, but also damage the infrastructure," he continued. “That sends power to hundreds of thousands of people. You interrupt that power, then we look at the risk of people not having power.”

So, folks, please don't be dumb. We already have enough of that out there. 

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