Reba-Tok is the Fanciest Place on TikTok

"With gentle hands and a heart of a fighter, I'm a survivor." -- Us, after washing one dish.
Reba-Tok is the Fanciest Place on TikTok

Ahhh, Reba McEntire. Country music legend, the beloved star of every midwestern grandma's favorite aughts sitcom, one-time Colonel Sanders, and the center of TikTok's latest trend? Yep, over the past several weeks, McEntire has found herself a certified TikTok star, with the theme song for her eponymous early 2000s series, Reba, going viral. Yet instead of "I'm a Survivor" finding appreciation among single moms who work too hard who love their kids and never stop, the tune has been gloriously co-opted by the fine people of TikTok, who are convinced completing routine household chores gives them the character's signature "gentle hands and the heart of a fighter."

From looking after their children as their spouse enjoys a cup of joe …


… to restocking the beverage fountain at work … 


… to planning a frat party …


… and even picking one (1) old t-shirt off your bedroom floor … 


… it seems everyone – and I do mean everyone – can relate to that iconic intro. 

The trend even got the drag treatment, after one self-described “makeup chameleon” by the username of @Iconklast transformed themselves into a spitting image of the star while completing their everyday tasks, including dealing with moldy cups …


… replacing the toilet paper …


… and ditching the milk that's been sitting in the fridge for weeks … 


 … with Iconklast even applying the song's famed lyrics to another trend, answering questions as Reba's sitcom counterpart based on the introduction. 


Although the show has been off the air for nearly 15 years, its finale airing in 2007 after a six-season run, it seems McEntire still finds this trend quite amusing, even jumping on it herself to highlight the frustrations of her day-to-day life. “When it’s time to feed your donkeys and they’re not the least bit impressed,” she wrote alongside a video of her pets appearing to turn their noses up at a bucket full of treats. 


So, folks, here's to RebaTok – the Fancy-est place on the internet. 

Top Image: Iconklast on TikTok/Shutterstock

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