Florida Woman Allegedly Snuck Into Local High School Disguised As A Student For The 'Gram


A Florida woman reportedly lived every 20-something's recurring nightmare and voluntarily went back to high school – all apparently in a ploy to increase her Instagram following.

On Monday, a 28-year-old woman named Audrey Nicole Francisquini allegedly took a trip to Miami's American Senior High School, telling school officials that she was actually a student looking for the registration office before reportedly confronting several pupils who apparently just wanted to go to class. Puroportedly preventing them from entering their classroom,  Francisquini, who authorities say was intentionally dressed like a student and works for Carnival Cruise Line according to local ABC News affiliate WPLG, purportedly began handing out “pre-printed pamphlets with her social media username (or handle) on the flyers,” proving, alongside with the whole 2011 planking trend, that there is such thing as going too far for the 'gram.

Confronted by campus security once again, this time, it seems the woman was undeterred in her apparent mission of broadcasting her socials. As such, security told the institution's administration that the woman served a potential threat to the campus, leading to a larger group of officials surrounding her. Although she quickly exited the school, slipping off through the faculty parking lot onto a nearby street off of school property, she evaded police commands to stop. 

Despite this stealthy getaway, law enforcement officials were reportedly able to prove the entire incident was premeditated via surveillance footage and identify her through the socials listed on the flyers she distributed. She was ultimately arrested on Monday and faces three charges, one count of burglary, another count of “trespassing an educational institution/interference,” and one final count of resisting an officer without violence.

Yet In a seemingly pertinent example of why the Miranda Warning exists aside from adding some spicy dialogue in every cop movie to ever hit the big screen, Francisquini supposedly insisted upon showing officers a video from the incident, which allegedly corroborates officers report.

So folks, remember, don't go back to high school. If you wanna get famous among zoomers, just start a TikTok.

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