Want To Win An Awesome Home Arcade AND Donate to Charity All At Once?

Want To Win An Awesome Home Arcade AND Donate to Charity All At Once?

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Close your eyes. Wait, no, open them so you can read, but pretend they're closed so you can imagine better. Specifically, imagine a world with a retro video game console packed with 54 hit contemporary games like Mortal Kombat 11 and Street Fighter 5. Imagine that you could own this arcade system in your own home and play these games on it whenever you wanted. Imagine it sported a cutting-edge modern take on classic joystick and button controls but also allowed you to connect a keyboard or mouse if you felt so inclined. Finally, imagine that it easily mounted to any wall for comfortable gaming.

Open your eyes. (Or, like, close them again so you can open them. Work with us here.) Congratulations: the Polycade Lux arcade exists! And even better, we're giving one away in a raffle to raise money for charity. You can buy entries in batches of 100 for $10 and 250 for $25, which is a pretty standard $0.10 per entry, but the deal actually gets better when you buy more: 1,000 entries only costs $50 and 1,500 entries costs $75, which brings the price per entry down to $0.05. Finally, 2,500 entries costs only $100, which is $0.04 per entry, and 4,500 entries is just $150, or $0.03 and a third of a penny per entry. That's right: That final one deals in thirds of pennies because it's completely off the goddamn chain. This is a $3,999 home arcade we're talking about -- you think it cares about the rules? No. Rules are for cowards!

Proceeds will go to the Playing for Change Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that brings music and arts education to communities in need around the globe, changing the lives of over 2,000 children in 10 different countries. The winner will be chosen through a random selection process in approximately three months and then spend the rest of their awesome lives kicking ass at Mortal Kombat.

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