21 Beloved Celebrities Who Melted Down In Spectacular Ways

If you loved 'Blade: Trinity' we have bad news: You were rarely watching Wesley Snipes onscreen.
21 Beloved Celebrities Who Melted Down In Spectacular Ways

Everyone loves a good celebrity meltdown. It's unfortunate, but us plebeians just love watching the rich and famous slowly come unhinged.

And while we're familiar with the Britneys and Bales of the celebrity world going crazy, it turns out a lot more celebrities have been losing their minds without anyone even noticing.

Jerry O'Connell played the pudgy kid, in Stand By Me. He got SO stoned the set had to shut down. According to Keifer Sutherland, O'Connell tied his ba
Jay Z is passionate about music theft. In fact, he will straight-up stab you for it. It was 1999, and Jay Z had just released The Life and Times of S.
John McAfee hit the jackpot with his antivirus software. So he went to Belize to spy on their government. After his software became a success, he move
Aussie Football is a rough game. It's a mixture of soccer, rugby, and pandemonium. But John Bourke took it to a new level. In a 1985 match, Bourke tri
Wesley Snipes played a vampire hunter, in Blade: Trinity. Behind the scenes, he played a violent stoner. Snipes spent the majority of filming locked u
Ever wonder why you don't see Sean Young any more? It's because she has boundary issues. She was originally cast as Vicki Vale in Tim Burton's Batman,
Oliver McCall took the heavyweight title in 1994. Then he cried like a baby, in the rematch. In the middle of the third round, McCall dropped his glov
Lawrence Tierney made a career of playing tough guys. In real life, he was downright terrifying. On the last day of shooting Reservoir Dogs, he got in
Christian Slater just picked up a Golden Globe. Almost makes you forget about his meltdown. It was 1994, and he was partying with some friends. After
Randy Quaid played the crazy guy in a bunch of movies. 440 These days, he's just plain crazy. After being arrested for refusing to pay a hotel bill an
Peter Sellers starred in the 1967 Casino Royale. And he was a monster, on-set. He drove the crew crazy with his tardiness and bizarre script change re
Richard Pryor was always pretty edgy. And in a 1980 interview, he ran out of f*cks to give. In the televised interview, he was supposed to be promotin
Bob Parsons is the founder of GoDaddy.com. And he thinks elephant slaughter is good PR. In 2011, he posted a video to the web entitled My Vacation Vi
Meatloaf is a lovable, sweet- voiced baladeer. Except when it comes to Gary Busey. The pair were competing on Celebrity Apprentice, and Meatloaf's art
Angel Matos is a taekwondo athlete from Cuba. 0 He's been banned from competing. It was the bronze medal match at the 2000 Olympics. Matos broke his t
Some Like It Hot is one of Marilyn's most iconic films. Yet she was awful to work with. She never showed up on time, and refused to learn her lines, S
John Mackey is the CEO of Whole Foods. GOO And he's an Internet troll. From 2000-2007, Mackey thought it'd be a genius move to make an anonymous ident
The Canyons is a cinematic turd. Despite being directed by Paul Shrader, of Taxi Driver fame. The problem? Lindsay Lohan. LiLo didn't even show up for
George Lazenby was James Bond for one movie. And not just in front of the camera. Lazenby decided that to play Bond, he had to live like Bond. He purc
Martina Hingis is currently ranked #1 in doubles tennis. YOUA Yet she collapsed like a house of cards, on-court. During the 1999 French Open, a ref ma
Whatever Happened to Baby Jane was about bitter rivalry. Both on- and offscreen. The film starred Joan Crawford and Bette Davis, who were constantly t

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