23 Behind-The-Scenes (Weird) Looks At Everyday Life


Infrastructure is insanely intricate. Most of us in the 21st have grown accustomed to certain levels of comfort—clean water, flushing toilets, halfway decent internet and TV—but have you ever stopped to think about exactly how much goes into making all that happen? Harnassing power, extracting resources, treating water—all of these things have to be done to support modern life, and they have to be done as sustainably as possible. No one wants to end up like Snowpiercer. The only babies we're tasting is our six-month-old's cute little toesies. 

Nowadays, we always get the scoop on how our favorite movies are made. You can go to YouTube and take a tour of a factory. But have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of the processes that allow us to live our lives in comfort? We asked our readers to do just that, and gave $200 to the winner ...

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