Aunt Becky's College Admissions Scandal Is Getting The 'Tiger King' Treatment at Netflix

Watch how Aunt Becky went from Full House to the big house.
Aunt Becky's College Admissions Scandal Is Getting The 'Tiger King' Treatment at Netflix

Move over, Joe Exotic and the pickup-truck limousine waiting outside of his Texas prison -- there's another famous felon getting their own Netflix documentary -- none other than Aunt Becky, a.k.a. Lori Loughlin. Mere weeks after getting out of prison for her involvement in the "Varsity Blues"  college admissions scandal, in which she and several other affluent parents including actress Felicity Huffman bribed universities to accept their children, streaming giant Netflix announced they were immortalizing the fiasco in a Tiger King-style documentary.

Entitled Operation Varsity Blues after the investigation's codename, the film is set to hit the platform on March 17, jam-packed with all the scandal's dirty details, as told by recreations of conversations overheard by law enforcement agents. "The film promises to provide a deep dive into the methods used by Rick Singer to get the children of his wealthy clients into top schools," Variety wrote of the doc, the latest film from Chris Smith, who directed 2019's Fyre and executive produced the early-quarantine hit series, Tiger King. "These schemes included everything from enabling kids to cheat on their college admissions tests to falsifying sports credentials or bribing school officials." I guess that's one highly-illegal way to get into school ... 

"Everything you've heard is true. But you haven't heard everything," NetflixFilm wrote on Twitter Monday morning. "Using real conversations recreated from FBI wiretaps the filmmaker behind Fyre brings you Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal." The tweet was accompanied by a chilling 22-second teaser, recounting a conversation about a student who doesn't play water polo being recruited to a university to do so. 

Talk about sink or swim. So folks, remember -- everywhere you look, there's a heart, a hand to hold on to, and a new documentary detailing how America's favorite aunt went from Full House to the big house. Happy binge-watching, folks!

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