Jeep Pulls Bruce Springsteen's Commercial After New DWI Details Emerge

Jeep Pulls Bruce Springsteen's Commercial After New DWI Details Emerge

The Boss has found himself in hot water -- not only with the law, but with automaker, Jeep -- after details of his DWI emerged earlier this week. On Wednesday,TMZ first reported that the rock icon was arrested on November 14 in New Jersey's Gateway National Recreation Area in Sandy Hook, after an officer allegedly watched Bruce Springsteen "consume a shot of Patron tequila and then get on his motorcycle and start the engine," according to a probable cause statement. Classy. As a result, the artist is now facing several charges, including consuming alcohol in a closed area and reckless driving, spokesperson Brenda Ling, told CNN.  "Springsteen was cooperative throughout the process," she said of the superstar, who reportedly is scheduled to appear in court over the matter later this month. 

In light of Springsteen's legal troubles, Jeep has decided to yank his definitely-not-pandering bipartisan Super Bowl ad, "pausing" it, to use their words. "It would be inappropriate for us to comment on the details of a matter we have only read about and we cannot substantiate," a spokesperson told CNBC. "But it's also right that we pause our Big Game commercial until the actual facts can be established. Its message of community and unity is as relevant as ever. As is the message that drinking and driving can never be condoned." 

Damn right, Jeep spokesperson. Despite this seemingly reasonable reaction, an anonymous source reportedly close to the singer told CNN they "just hope Jeep ends up looking bad in the end," for pulling the ad, which is still up on Springsteen's Instagram account. "When this is all resolved, I think, people are gonna have some serious doubts about the seriousness of this, especially when the actual details of this are revealed, including the blood alcohol level," the person told the outlet. 

Well, that's the first time I think I've ever seen anyone attempt to justify a DWI. Moral of the story? Maybe refrain from allegedly pounding shots before hopping on your motorcycle -- in view of a cop -- lest you lose your driving-related Super Bowl commercial. 

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