Spinach Can Now Send Emails, NewsLETTUCErs to Scientists

Spinach can now officially slide into your DMs.
Spinach Can Now Send Emails, NewsLETTUCErs to Scientists

Move over dancing robots, and a SoundCloud track of perfect fluid's sick beats,  scientists have just accomplished an unbeLEAFable new feat in the world of STEM -- teaching spinach how to send emails. According to a study recently published in scientific journal, Nature Materials, engineers at MIT have created a new method allowing the leafy green to send information regarding the all-too-common spinach woe of nearby explosives (?), and climate change, straight to their inbox -- a newsLETTUCEer if you will. 

"When the spinach roots detect the presence of nitroaromatics in groundwater, a compound often found in explosives like landmines, the carbon nanotubes within the plant leaves emit a signal," Euronews, the outlet that first broke the story, wrote of the scientists' RAPIDNI discovery. Although it may seem like these researchers gave a leafy green the ability to slide into your DMs just for the KALE of it, it seems experiments of this nature has existing ROOTS, under the umbrella of plant nanobionics, a type of technology that strives to equip flora with "superpowers," according to 2014 LA Times article

"Plants are very good analytical chemists," research leader, Professor Michael Strano, explained to the European news outlet. "They have an extensive root network in the soil, are constantly sampling groundwater, and have a way to self-power the transport of that water up into the leaves. This is a novel demonstration of how we have overcome the plant/human communication barrier."

Yet like most major feats, it seems the internet had mixed(GREEN) feelings on this imCRESSive new discovery. As some applauded the tech, excited for its impact on unnecessary meetings ...

... looking forward to reading about spinachs' latest musings amid an onslaught of work memos ...

... and even musing the possibilities of a spinach-based Ratatouille reboot ...

... others expressed qualms about its conciseness ...

... and fears of receiving passive-aggressive messages from that bygone box of baby greens left for dead in your refrigerator.

So folks, as spinach learns to take that digital leap of faith, ENDIVING into your inbox, let's treat them with patience and kindness. after all, it's not easy being GREEN. 

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