UFOs May or May Not Exist, President Obama Says

UFOs May or May Not Exist, President Obama Says

Are you wondering if the recent influx of monoliths are actually the work of extraterrestrials? Do you have existential fears about whether not humanity is entirely alone in a vast universe? Do you still secretly wish you could be Dana Sculley from the X-Files when you grow up, even though you're pushing 40? Hell, are you literally the "Aliens" dude?

Well, readers, it seems someone may actually have the answers to some of our burning ET-related questions. In yet another highlight from former President Obama's memoir press tour, which has already led the former POTUS to confess his desire for rapper Drake to play him in a future biopic, 44 told Stephen Colbert he absolutely asked about the existence of UFOs during his tenure in the Oval Office.

During a tough nearly 11-minute conversation regarding the former President's highly-controversial use of drone warfare, the late-night host took a weirdly lighthearted break to ask about the existence of aliens. 

"UFOs? Any UFOs? Did you ask about that?" Colbert inquired after POTUS said it was sometimes hard to acquire sensitive information from government agencies.

Although the former Commander in Chief said he "certainly" broached the topic, he stayed, um, interestingly tight-lipped when pressed. "Can't tell you. Sorry," he responded. However, the interviewer took this response as an affirmative. 

"Okay, alright, I'll take that as a yes, because if there were none, you'd say there was none. You just played your hand, I thought you were a poker player? you just 100% showed your river card," Colbert said to a chuckling Obama. 

"Feel free to think that," Obama said with a smile. "Can I say it used to be that UFOs was the, and what is it, Roswell, was the biggest conspiracy, and now that seems so tame? Right the idea that the government might have an alien spaceship?"

Ahh, the good old pre-Giuliani meltdown days. So reader, are we alone? It looks like only former POTUS Obama, and maybe a handful of intelligence agents may know for sure. 

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