Tenacious D Covers 'The Time Warp' In New 'Rock-y The Vote' Campaign

The classic spooky season song is back -- with an election-year twist.
Tenacious D  Covers 'The Time Warp' In New 'Rock-y The Vote' Campaign

Jack Black, and his band, Tenacious D, are back, and they want you to take a jump to the left -- at the polls -- in their new election-themed cover of "The Time Warp" from the spooky season cult classic, The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The video stars the School of Rock actor, singing as characters including Columbia and Riff Raff, not to be confused with that rapper with shark teeth-grills, in full costume, from the Disney-spared cult classic film. Joining him are a few familiar faces, including Janet herself,  Susan Sarandon, Phoebe Bridgers, Sarah Silverman, Jamie Lee Curtis, Eric Andre, Ilana Glazer, King Princess, and Proud Boys hashtag reclaimer, George Takei, as well as a few political figures like Senator Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg. I've always wondered what Mayor Pete gets up to post-campaign when he's not in making headlines as Fox News' newest darling -- apparently doing the Time Warp. Groovy!

"It's astounding ... time is fleeting ... and the 2020 election is here," reads the caption of the star-studded video. "Time to ROCK-Y THE VOTE! And remember: it's just a jump to the LEFT, and not a step to the right!" referencing the song's altered lyric, encouraging viewers to vote blue. The video and its punny caption come after the comedy rock band was forced to cancel their swing-state tour in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. Entitled the "Purple Nurple Tour--Twisting Hard to the LEFT," their series of shows were aimed at increasing voter turnout, a noble cause in a particularly tense election year. 

The moral of the story? Please vote -- to paraphrase the classic film, don't dream it (it, here, being the country you want to live in) -- be it  (it, here, being an active participant in democracy). Come on now; it's not Science Fiction!

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