Even Jim Gaffigan, The World's Most Apolitical Comedian, Is Sick Of Trump

We're in a Hot Pocket of hell.
Even Jim Gaffigan, The World's Most Apolitical Comedian, Is Sick Of Trump

Famed comedian Jim Gaffigan isn't known for talking about politics. He's known for talking about fast food and Hot Pockets.

But even Jim Gaffigan can realize that we're in a Hot Pocket of hell, and he let his feelings be known in a tweetstorm last night.

I think the last time I've seen Gaffigan go after a government figure, it was Colonel Sanders. Seriously, this is not a dude known for political comedy or political takes. His brand is that he's a midwestern guy with a big family, that also likes cake. He doesn't curse on stage, and he writes jokes that are accessible for kids, adults, and even The Pope. Gaffigan has tremendous crossover appeal, and it's this ability to attract everyone that has led him to become one of the highest-paid comedians on Earth

So I think it's telling that politics have escalated in such a way that even the Hot Pocket Guy feels compelled to jump into the fray and jump in hard. Gaffigan even acknowledges that his stances will cause him to lose fans in this tweet.

But he doesn't seem to care if he loses fans because, as he says, "if Trump gets elected, the economy will never come back." Maybe he's right. Maybe Trump's Presidency crashes the dollar to the point where we're getting paid in Hot Pockets. (I guess Gaffigan still wins here.) But even if somehow, another four years of Trump doesn't directly destroy all of existence, just imagine how sick of Trump Gaffigan is to risk jeopardizing his career this way. The only thing crazier would be if this guy started tweeting out against Trump's anti-immigration policies:

It's unlikely, but it's only August. Dunham may pull his head out of his ass soon enough.

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