Parents Get Whopping 41 Seconds Of Relief, Thanks To Olaf

Imagine the poor sap who gets his kids excited for a new Olaf short, only for it to be so ... short.
Parents Get Whopping 41 Seconds Of Relief, Thanks To Olaf

Parents worldwide are coping with getting their children to pay attention to any one thing at a time as schools are shut down practically everywhere. Any parent who says they're still 100% sane after more than five straight days of homeschooling is either lying to you or has actually sent the kids to a farm upstate.

So imagine the relief on so many of their faces when they heard that a new Disney short starring Olaf had been released. Amazing! Perhaps they can take a precious moment to go pour a cup of coffee while the kids watch, aaaannndd ...

Oh my God, it's over. Just like that, it's over. 41 brilliant seconds, over in a flash. Even if you play it twice in a row, that's hardly enough time for mom or dad to use the bathroom. Here, we can walk you through it pretty quickly. Olaf has some snowballs he's throwing at an off-screen target. He accidentally grabs the head of a creature called a Snowgie (you'd have to watch the movies for context), and chucks it at the off-screen target. The Snowgie's not-mortifying-enough headless body then chases after the head and returns it to Olaf, who gleefully turns it into a game of fetch.

Now, we don't mean to disparage the artists involved here. Even if you're already working with pre-existing models and backgrounds animation isn't easy, and getting Josh Gad to record a little something probably took some extra effort and coordination, too. It's just that this is the tease of the century. Imagine getting your kids hyped up for an Olaf video (and previous Olaf shorts have had their issues), you take two steps out of the room, only to hear, "Is it over already?" They've been revved up into a blizzard of a Frozen mood, and all they got was a snowflake.

What's great is that Disney is turning this into a weekly series. If we had any advice for parents, it'd be to save up a few of these to turn into a binge session long enough to treat yourselves to a five-minute nap. Best of luck.

Top Image: Walt Disney Pictures

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