Celeb Missives That Approach Public Access TV Territory

Quarantine has turned Hollywood into a public access free-for-all and it's gonna get weird.
Celeb Missives That Approach Public Access TV Territory

If you've found yourself going stir-crazy in quarantine, feeling restless from lack of purpose, or maybe just wildly starved of attention then it might be comforting to know that -- hey, celebrities feel that way too.

Celeb Missives That Approach Public Access TV Territory
Gal Godot/Instagram
They’re just like us!

With the auspices of attempting to fill the void in your daily schedule, (but in reality probably just attempting to fill the void left by their parents not loving them enough) many celebrities have turned to YouTube and Instagram to create their own shows. It's like Hollywood is collectively turning into public access TV and that means a whole lot less producer interference and a whole lot more, "What in the fuuuuu--?"

First, there's John Krasinski with Some Good News, a news show that tries to exclusively highlight good news from around the world ... which so far it's pretty much just a rundown of which Twitter users decided to post videos of themselves gifting random strangers toilet paper that they've hoarded. And for those of us that aren't wine drinking Facebook aunts, Miley Cyrus is taking her own shot at positivity by hosting a talk show called Bright Minded Live With Miley on Instagram Live with a bizarrely hypnotic toad licking intro ...

... and if you stick around on Instagram you can also see January Jones doing a show on self-care, Paul Feig teaching you how to mix cocktails, and Chris Hemsworth working out by lifting detergent.

Chris Hemsworth/Instagram
Watch out Mr. Clean. Thor's giving you a run for your money.

Then there's Chris Pratt doing a show where he reads books to children, which Josh Gad is also doing, and holy crap, also Dolly Parton?!

Yes, Dolly Parton is reading to children from the comfort of her own bed, and while there might have been a time where such a show pitch would have been laughed out of the room by everyone, except only the creepiest of uncles, that is a time long behind us. Now is the time of quarantined television where anything can be a show so long as you're daring enough and celebrity enough. All we can do is sit back and watch as things inevitably get weirder.

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Top Image: Youtube/ Some Good News


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