2019's Hottest Halloween Costume Is ... The Golden Girls?

Because what could be scarier than old age?
2019's Hottest Halloween Costume Is ... The Golden Girls?

Halloween is only a few weeks away, so now might be a good time to lock down those costume plans. But what to go as? Joker? Sexy Joker? Sexy Sexy Joker? Or do you want some kind of non-Joker costume, like a big weirdo? Fortunately, if you don't want to dress up as a murder clown, there are other options. Target recently released a line of costumes based on a popular TV show that didn't involve dragons or incest (as far as we remember), and they've been flying off the shelves. We're talking, of course, about The Golden Girls.


Despite the fact that it went off the air over a quarter of a century ago, The Golden Girls has had something of a cultural renaissance in the past few years. For some reason, the story of four older women hanging out in their Miami home has spawned a multitude of eclectic products. There's everything from a line of hot sauce to action figures to Golden Girls Clue, in which the culprit is presumably always old age.

So it's no surprise that these costumes exist, but you can't even buy them anymore because they've completely sold out online! These things aren't cheap, either, retailing for "about $70 each" -- and amazingly, the wigs were sold separately. Which is a little like selling a Batman outfit that doesn't come with a utility belt. So if you do want to dress up as Dorothy or Blanche or Rose or Sophia, hopefully they'll soon be back in stock and you won't have to settle for a crappy Empty Nest costume. But even if you do snag one, be warned: You may ultimately opt out of partying in favor of lounging in some wicker furniture while thanking everybody for their friendship.

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