Behold, The World Record For Most Downvoted Reddit Comment

They must feel so proud and accomplished.
Behold, The World Record For Most Downvoted Reddit Comment

A long time ago (2017) in a subreddit for the game Star Wars Battlefront II, one member made a viral post complaining how ridiculous it was that an $80 game about Star Wars characters Star Wars-ing it up didn't allow players to immediately pick either Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker, and instead required them to either mirthlessly grind or pay to unlock. But one comment from an EA representative scolded that the community should be grateful to the company. After all, EA only dangled gamers' favorite characters out of reach so they could be filled "with a sense of pride and accomplishment" when they finally managed to steal their mom's credit card to pay up.

The attempt at PR containment was a bit of a failure, in that it received enough negative comments and downvotes to blot out a thousand suns. EA even blamed the controversy for causing Battlefront II to miss its sales targets and forcing them to get rid of the microtransactions (for a little while). And now it turns out that by voicing their disdain in such high volume, these angry gamers unlocked an unexpected achievement -- one usually reserved for hot-dog-eaters and people with giant bee beards.

While paging through their brand-new edition of Guinness World Records, Redditor u/-amsha- noticed that they and about 683,000 of their Star Wars pals held the official world record for "Most-downvoted comment on Reddit." And if that feels like a pretty niche and non-noteworthy feat, remember that they also hand out this accolade to people with the most snails on their face.

And while there are few things more entertaining than to see a notoriously sullen mob rebel against a notoriously hated gaming empire, it might not be a great idea to include more categories in Guinness World Records for online vitriol, like some sort of Trollympics. While the EA downvoters were both correct and remarkably polite, that's not often the case. Just recently, the developers of Apex Legends were the target of a similar campaign for excessive use of EA loot boxes (and for the temerity to talk back to their user base), resulting in a call for their heads and livelihoods that almost broke some social media records of its own. So let's maybe not let the internet know that there's an official high score in hating things, because a lot more than that will get broken in the process.

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