Cate Blanchett Is Secretly In All Of Your Favorite Movies

But if you want to see her you'll spend a long time looking -- which isn't a bad thing.
Cate Blanchett Is Secretly In All Of Your Favorite Movies

Cate Blanchett is one of the most iconic actors of her generation. Not only is she a standout in roles varying from an Elven queen to Bob Dylan, but she's also the most strikingly angular woman since Pythagoras invented the triangle. It's a given, then, that it would be pretty hard to hide her in secret cameo roles. But it turns out it's possible; you just need a butt-load of distractions.

There are few more talked-about film moments than the orgy in Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut, that movie that caused your dad to flip the entire couch looking for the remote when it came on. Yet somehow we all missed the fact that Blanchett makes a surprise appearance in it. However, before you go looking for her like an X-rated Where's Waldo, Blanchett was only present in the form of her warm and supple voice. (We can't actually post a link to that very adult scene, but if you were to look for "Abigail Good and Kate Charman - Eyes Wide Shut (1999)" on that one website you spend exactly seven minutes visiting every single day, you might find something.)

Cate Blanchett Is Secretly In All Of Your Favorite Movies
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As a masked Tom Cruise is walking through the Ferrero Rocher of gang bangs, he is protected from all the rich decadence by a mysterious nude savior, played by Abigail Good. But Good is English, and Kubrick insisted the character have a warm and sultry American accent. Blanchett was recommended by Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman to Stanley Kubrick's assistant Leon Vitali, who was looking for an American voice that could be "warm and sensual but that at the same time could be a part of a ritual." Who better, then, than a New Zealand actor who'd go on to be best-known for playing the most alien ice queen to rule them all?

But that's not the only way a director has managed to obscure the iconic Blanchett without anyone realizing. She also has a cameo in the unofficial Point Break sequel Hot Fuzz. Director Edgar Wright managed to hide all but her most famous pair of assets: her eyes. In an entire other kind of X-rated Where's Waldo, she's seen (well, not really) breaking up with Simon Pegg while standing in a bloody crime scene covered head to toe in a protective suit while surrounded by other CSI peons.

So there you have it. The only way you can be forgiven for not noticing a powerful performer like Blanchett on screen: When she's standing in a murder room covered entirely in a crime suit, or a floaty voice in a room full of supermodels banging. That's it. Those are the only two options.

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