America’s Worst Candy Is Saved By Its Second-Worst Candy

Necco Wafers are teaming up with America's other least-favorite confectionery.
America’s Worst Candy Is Saved By Its Second-Worst Candy

In July, we reported on the news that Necco Wafers, the candy that sought to answer the question of how to make a gingerbread house that complies with modern building codes, had finally declared bankruptcy. And given how many death threats we received from your meaner grandmothers, that news shocked enough people to make other companies think there is still a market for inedible chalk. So this week, it was revealed that Necco Wafers have been saved, and will resume being made by a candy company that's faring much better in modern sugary times: the makers of ... Circus Peanuts? Are you goddamn kidding us?

America’s Worst Candy Is Saved By Its Second-Worst Candy
Ihazurchimp / Flickr
The only candy that tastes better the closer it gets to the expiration date.

Since the closing of the New England Confectionery Co. and its factory, rumors had been flying of a mysterious buyer who had picked up of the brand licenses to Necco Wafers and Candy Hearts, giving hope to waferheads that the Ghost of Candy Past could be resurrected. This week, it was announced that their prayers had been answered, as Necco Wafers and Candy Hearts have been acquired by Spangler Candy Co., the manufacturer of candy canes, Dum Dum lollipops, and Circus Peanuts, the original orange national disgrace. And it shows how far the Necco name has fallen that the one company willing to buy it clearly only did so to make a product that reminds people of elephant abuse look good by comparison.

Mark Bonika / Flickr
Tastes the way it looks -- like a desiccated toe knuckle.

Of course, even if the company decides to reopen Necco's original New England factory and (hopefully) rehire all those laid-off workers, it will take time to fire up the machines that grind all those diabetic Boston stray cats into the fine powder they make the wafers out of. According to CEO Kirk Vashaw, they're aiming for a "Sweethearts relaunch for the 2020 Valentine season, and hope to reintroduce Necco Wafers to the marketplace in 2019." So it'll still be a while before Spangler assembles the Avengers of disappointing candies.

Meanwhile, the fate of New England Confectionery Co.'s even less popular candies will also be sealed this week, as they will be sold off, in what the industry is calling "the biggest candy auction of the 21st century." And seeing as we're talking about the sale of Mighty Malt Milk Balls, Haviland Thin Mints, Sky Bar, and Peach Blossoms, that's so depressing that Willy Wonka must be Twizzlering in his grave.

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