Tom Cruise must be having a bad week. His latest Mission: Impossible movie, Fallout, is a massive success (something he broke his ankle to achieve), and a study has even come out showing that he can make a movie a smash hit just by running in it. Yet despite that, all everyone is talking about is one of his co-stars.

Henry Cavill's Mustache Is Setting The Internet On Fire
Paramount Pictures

No, not him.

Henry Cavill's Mustache Is Setting The Internet On Fire
Paramount Pictures


Yes, the internet just can't seem to get enough of Henry Cavill's stache, which has been getting the kind of media attention most celebrities have to go to rehab for. Earlier this week, Cavill's facial hair became a viral hit (again) when internet sleuths noticed how his Fallout character August Walker is so manly that he can seemingly insta-grow a full beard (and an ever-so-manly shirt pocket) just by puffing his cheeks and cocking his arm guns.

Henry Cavill's Mustache Is Setting The Internet On Fire
Paramount Pictures
"This power also gives me a +2 in whittling and reversing a car with one hand."

And this week, Fallout writer and director Christopher McQuarrie finally explained what really happened behind the scenes with Cavill's mustache. The story before was that after Justice League had wrapped shooting, Cavill had to be called in for some emergency Superman reshoots by Joss Whedon. The problem was that by then, he had already grown his wonderful stache for Mission: Impossible production. This left Warner Bros. no choice but to hastily CGI the mustache off, the end result looking like Superman's subtly unsettling mouth was a newfound Kryptonian superpower.

But McQuarrie has now revealed just how hard everyone tried to prevent Superman from looking like he tried to perform laser hairline removal with just a mirror and his eyes. At first, Justice League producers had pleaded with him to let Cavill just shave off the mustache and let him start regrowing it, giving the M:I production "the resources to digitally fill in Henry's mustache" -- the only technology 14-year-old boys covet more than jetpacks.

The cost of these on/off mustache shenanigans? Three. Million. Dollars. But Warner Bros. was willing to pay, and McQuarrie, being a very nice director, would graciously shut down production for a little while so Cavill could start cultivating some new whiskers. Everyone would've gotten their way, and Justice League would've been a little less silly (just a little). But at that point, McQuarrie's studio bosses at Paramount caught wind, said "Hell no," and told Warner Bros. they could have a mustachioed Cavill or no Cavill at all. Warner Bros. backed down and as a result, we now we have two movies in which we can thoroughly enjoy Cavill's handsome and/or inexplicably disturbing mouth.

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