This Lego Adaptation Of 'Dark Souls' Is Weirdly Perfect

From The Hobbit to Harry Potter, Lego video games have made a killing out of taking beloved fictional worlds and transforming them into kid-friendly bloodless bricks. Yet these games have never been able to capture one of the quintessential Lego experiences: the exquisite pain of accidentally stepping barefoot on a Lego piece. Until now.

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Using Lego Worlds (Lego's contender to the Minecraft throne), ingenious creator MythicMarty has rebuilt the starting area of the ultra-hard die-em-up Dark Souls. And for using a kids' game made of colorful blocks and not even the vaguest concept of certain death, the conversion retains an unmistakable Dark Souls vibe, though we can't quite ...

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... put our finger ...

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... on why that is.

However, seeing this video again makes us wonder: Why aren't there actual Dark Souls Lego kits out there yet? It's obviously a match made in heaven. Lego builders and Dark Souls players have so much in common: attention to detail, endless patience, and the constant frustration of having to sift through the debris of a once-beautiful scene after all of their progress has been undone by a single misstep.

Namco Bandai


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In fact, there are plenty of Dark Souls fans who've already begun making their own Lego tableaus of depressing dungeons and unnatural nature, but wouldn't it be awesome to just be able to go to a store and buy a massive box (and corresponding 600-page manual) of a gigantic decrepit castle and three-foot-tall iron golem for your tiny Lego knight to fight? Sure, you'd have to buy an extra house just to store Anor Londo in, but if that's an issue, we guess you're just not hardcore enough for Dark Souls.

Jefferson Jasper Smith & Christian Degn Petersen

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Personally, we just want this so that gamers start hanging out in toy aisles to tell five-year-olds to "git gud" before even looking at the Dragon Slayer Ornstein and Executioner Smough box.

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