Bo(u)ld Boulders Block Boulder Canyon Road Near Boulder, Colorado

Bo(u)ld Boulders Block Boulder Canyon Road Near Boulder, Colorado

Reader, have you ever wondered why Boulder, Colorado is called Boulder, Colorado? Well, folks, it seems the answer may well rock your world -- and apparently, cause traffic issues for those driving near the mountainous, metropolitan area. 

On Tuesday evening, an onslaught of -- you guessed it,  boulders -- caused a road running through Boulder Canyon near Boulder to come to a standstill, according to local news station, KKTV. Due to the massive rockslide, the Colorado 119 is expected to be closed through Wednesday, the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office said, likely knowing the route change would prove to be a pain in the ash for some local motorists. 

Now, I know what you’re wondering -- what the shale caused the boulders to bould-ly billow down onto the road below? None other than a blustery, precipitation-filled day. “The slide happened during heavy rain and snow in the area referred to as the Narrows and is not in the project area where CDOT has been doing permanent repair work from the 2013 flood,” the Colorado Department of Transportation said in a statement. Fortunately, no one was hurt, except for those reading this article who are likely having a rock-y response to these ig(e)n(i)eous puns. 

So folks, remember, let’s take a page from boulder’s book and avoid taking clear roads for granite. It’s our pre-rock-ative.

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