Dollar tacos are forged in the fires of hell itself. Our sphincters are shattered and our spirits are broken. Thanks, Jack In The Box!

Cody started us off this week with a slap in the face to the comments section. Next came Bucholz, with a nerdy article about video games, followed by another tale of drug use and property crime from Brockway. Seanbaby wrote about five mistakes TV executives made twice, while Soren filled in for Dan with a list of attorneys you should probably avoid.

8 Horribly Misguided Futuristic Video Game Controllers

Proof once again that most of the gaming industry has no fucking clue what they are doing.

Notable Comment:

"Welcome to the jiggily world of man boobs. "

Cloak is obviously talking about the upcoming Cracked pin-up calendar.

7 Mind-Blowing Easter Eggs Hidden In Famous Works of Art

Sadly, none of these easter eggs unlock the keys to a centuries-spanning conspiracy. Real life is so lame.

Notable Comment:

MartyRotten asks, "I've noticed something else about Michaelangelo's David that doesn't quite fit. David, according to the Bible, was the king of Israel, and therefore a Jew. Why isn't he circ*mcized? "

Michaelangelo based David's penis off of his own.

The 7 Most WTF Post-Fame Celebrity Careers

There is something fundamentally uncomfortable about a skinny, fit Chunk.

Notable Comment:


Thanks for that, pharmmajor. Whatever it is.

The 6 Most Statistically Full Of Shit Professions

Wine tasters being full of shit makes us much more comfortable with our decision to buy it by the gallon.

Notable Comment:

"There are some legitimately talented wine tasters. A certain fraction of the population are "supertasters", meaning that their sense of taste is much more acute than a normal person's. They can actually taste minute differences in the wine they drink. "

If no one else can taste the difference, JWVirden, than what is the point?

6 Enlightened Ideas Brought to You By Evil Empires

Just because you're a vile, baby-murdering dictator doesn't mean you can't recognize a good idea when you hear it.

Notable Comment:

"Why is allowing women to fight a "good thing?" Something like 20 million Russians died in WW2... it wasn't about feminism or equality or equal rights, it was about Russia needing more meat shields for the motherland."

We'll come clean with you, hatmanz. We have a fetish for girls with guns.

Cody Johnston
14 (Still) Unanswered Questions from Season 1 of 'Lost'
Dammit, J.J.

If You Had a Time Machine (And a Sick Sense of Humor)
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Thanks, eHarmony!
by CavalierX

Editor's pick:

They totally did it. You can tell by the smile on the droid's face. And the robot looks happy, too.
by Mothra24


I'd nail her.
by GaseousClay

Editor's pick:

You know what needs to be sexier? Crucifixions!
by Ceveron


"Robin, come here. I've designed a special costume for you to wear just around the Batcave."
by Julius_Goat

Editor's pick:

Holy Ankles, Batman! I may not be gay after all!
by Kamikaze Phoenix


Joseph promptly showed up at the Silver Surfers house to ask him a few questions...
by tsiegle

Editor's pick:

"Dammit, Mary! You dip the baby's SHOES in metal to preserve them! His SHOES! His SHOES!"
by Julius_Goat


Sadly, in his later years, Pooh had to resort to drugging honey to get some tail.
by liberalScum

Editor's pick:

He had removed his pants and she was still there, so far so good
by metsfan


Set phasers to fabulous, Mr. Sulu.
by jtklove

Editor's pick:

Shittiest cloaking device EVER.
by Mr.Excalibur


Apparently the chicken crossed the road to get some chemotherapy
by Ceveron

Editor's pick:

Your move, psychiatry
by oskhen

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