CRACKED Round-Up: Everyone Hates You Edition.

CRACKED: Everyone Hates You Edition. Let the Self-Loathe-A-Thon Commence! Note: Despite their linguistic similarities, a Self-Loathe-A-Thon is very different from a Self-Love-A-Thon. Don't make the same embarrassing mistake we did that one summer at camp.

First off, we've got Robert Brockway talking about LSD and getting his name put up on all sorts of government watch lists. Next, Chris Bucholz threatens Eminem with testicular rape while Brockway talks about drugs some more. Seanbaby has an aneurysm over terrible advice books and Dan O'Brien watches television. The poor bastard.

The 7 Most Bizzarely Unlucky People Who Ever Lived.
Sometimes, you just need to give up and accept that the universe hates you.
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Notable Comment: "I'd have to say that I'd put Tsutomu Yamaguchi up for the 'luckiest person who ever lived' award, having SURVIVED, not just witnessed, both nuclear attacks. That's not unlucky."

Sorry mouly0, but we're going to rule that watching two entire cities (one of them your home) die under waves of nuclear fire doesn't qualify as "lucky," even if you survive.

5 Things The Gaming Industry Will Never Fix (And Why)
Ah David Wong, he tells us how the world works through the magic of dick jokes and pictures of tits.

Notable Comment: Goblinsonly knows how to play video games, "I like cutscenes they give you time to regather your thoughts and give you something cool to watch which are both handy features if you're high as a kite."

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Damn right, brother.

7 Ridiculously Over-The-Top Modifications to Deadly Weapons.
The only thing better than a gun is a gun with a bigger gun stuck to it.

Notable Comment: "I'm a member of the team that developed the Aluminum/Teflon hybrid. Thanks for the plug! The bomb-covered bomb was not our idea, though. I'd give more details but, you know, classified."

Blieber, even if this is true no one on the Internet will believe you. Get us a picture of you standing next to something top secret, like George Bush clubbing a seal, or Barack Obama stabbing puppies.

6 Most Terrifying Medical Malpractice Cases Ever.
Look, we understand that everybody makes mistakes. But when those mistakes involve accidentally dissolving a man's penis you might need to reevaluate your life.
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Notable Comment: d3ath101 says, "im going to be paranoid in the doctors office now... a lot more paranoid."

If we can get just one less person to go to the Doctor regularly, Cracked will have done it's job. Yes, we are awful, awful people.

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Terminator: Salvation (If They Left Out The Bullshit)
Captivating! You know, like the movie wasn't.

Notable Comment: Eichen says, " you know? I'm surprised that the filmmakers of terminator salvation haven't stopped by and said "HEY, CRACKED, STOP IT... SERIOUSLY!"

They have. That's why we keep a pig farm nearby.

How Not To Give Yourself A Pep Talk In The Mirror.
Where's the Ska?

17 Great Historical Moments Ruined By Modern Technology
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