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Oh Drunk-O-Vision! You say what we're all drinking .... er, thinking. [College Humor]

One man's (insane) quest to recreate the gameplay of Tie Fighter in MS Paint is your entertainment for the afternoon. [LP Archive.]
Thanks to Nktalloth in the Mirth Canal.

Come on down to Cleveland town, everyone! [Huffington Post]

Mindi Smith is like if dreams were made out of boobs. And if those dreams came true. And then someone took pictures. She's attractive, is what we're saying. [Gorillamask]

Find 10 hangover cures that almost work. [Ask Men]

Luigi's finally had enough. [College Humor]

You still have time to put this song in Transformers 2, Michael Bay. Make it happen. [YouTube]

The Top 10 Most Hated Music Genres (of course Rap Rock is on there). [Monitor Down]
Thanks to Yugosakimi in the Mirth Canal.

Taste the Magic! [Adult Swim]

This is a video of women taking their clothes off. [Liquid Generation]

Ghetto Fabulous Prom Photos. [I Am Bored]

Click here to watch Hot Sluts. It's not the kind you;re thinking of, but it is still awesome. [Asylum]

Ever wonder how to tell if a woman has fake boobs? No? Oh. Well, click here anyway. [Coed Magazine]

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: List of Japanese Cooking Utensils


9 Awesome Graduation Speeches []

This Week In Unnecessary Censorship (VIDEO) [HuffPo Comedy]

Awesome Art Made of Everyday Objects [BentObjects]

Build something ridiculous, become famous, make our advertisers happy []

Expensive Nudes: The 10 Most Valuable Naked Women of All Time [Askmen]

Sex Face or Sports Face [Liquid Generation]

"So to make a little extra money I decided to get into dog fighting. I don't think I'm doing it right." [You Tube]
Thanks to Mortal Wombat.

Robot Chicken Balls Montage [AdultSwim]

Check Your Nuts: Another Amazing Indian Music Video [Uncoached]

Gilette Tells You How to Shave Your Groin []

Morgan Freeman. As Dracula. Taking a bath [Fark]

They still have racially segregated proms in Georgia. []
Thanks to Disco Stu.

Seana Mitchell's name is one letter off from being that of a man. Her boobs are many more letters off from being those of a man... []

10 Famous Men With One Ball [Asylum]

10 Summer Beer Cocktails That Don't Suck [Coed]

Your Insane Wikipedia Page of the Day: Special Atomic Demolition Munition


Accurate Commencement Program []

How weed got to America: Explanation courtesy of Showtime's 'Weeds' [HuffPo Comedy]

The Recession Is Hitting Everyone: 5 Pics [I-Am-Bored]

The Next 10 Celebrities to Get a Porn Offer: Now that we've got Miss California out of the way ... [Askmen]

Ikea Instruction Manual For Hiding Your Girlfriend's Dog You Accidentally Killed [Holy Taco]

10 Classic Comedy Scenes from between 1987-1996 [Liquid Generation]

Maybe you shouldn't smoke there ... [Mirth Canal]
Thanks to Sa9jev.

Family Guy: As okay as your face [AdultSwim]

5 Elevator Pranks [Uncoached]

15 Reasons Men Die Before Women []

Half of you are going to try this next time you get the opportunity, and all of you are going to hurt yourselves [Fark]

The Worst Animations in History [MirthCanal]
Thanks to P-Frank.

Sasha Grey is a sexy teacher by day, and walks around in her underwear a lot by night []

David Wain teaches you how to get the girl [Asylum]

The history of the laser is, not surprisingly, pretty awesome. [Coed]

Your Insane Wikipedia Page of the Day: Quickfire: More proof that old-timey justice was fucking terrifying.


Odd Names for Animal Groupings: Murder of Crows is not even the best band name on the list [Askmen]

Sunny D Boarding And Other Pop Culture Torture Methods [Holy Taco]

Escape from Scientology Land (Flash Game) [Liquid Generation]

The Slumdog Price is Right: Come on down... to India! []

Mock Facebook account for the character of *blank* Shepard from Mass Effect [Penny Arcade Forums]
Thanks to Finlander.

Never Put Your Easily Excitable Son in the Christmas Card Photo (PIC) [I-Am-Bored]

Barack Obama is Cliff Huxtable [HuffPo Comedy]

Cool Artwork Interpreting Shows From Your Childhood [Uncoached]

...And the Corresponding 11 Pieces of Video Game Wall Art []

How to stretch out the question and answer to "Budapest is the capital of what country" into 3 minutes of gargantuan failure [Fark]

An intricate, 3 year long prank on a stranger [UrbanPrankster]
Thanks to Demos182.

Jaclyn Denice is either a bikini model or she has the world's most persistent stalker []

Who would win in a world wide bar fight? [Asylum]

OK, either Megan Fox is a damn genius or something terrible has happened in her brain. [Coed]

Your Insane Wikipedia Page of the Day: Larry Walters had the simultaneously coolest and stupidest idea in the history of flight.


Wolverine in 30 Seconds [Bam! Kapow! .com!]

Matthew Fox And Jimmy Kimmel's Staring Contest Ends With Awkward Shower Scene, Broken Limbs [HuffPo Comedy]

Great Moments in Failed Sobriety Tests [Uncoached]

9 Awkward Movies To Watch on a Date []

If only all slushee commercials were this good [Fark]

Ejaculation Etiquette [Askmen]

Autumn Reeser is that hot chick from that one thing you saw once [Holy Taco]

10 Sexiest Movie Strippers [Liquid Generation]

An authentic karaoke experience without the watered-down martinis or lonely people. []

When you feel like we do about cheeseburgers, this site is basically pornography []
Thanks to Tim.

Holy crappy acting, Batman! Adam West vs Laughing Gas [I-Am-Bored]

Our favorite comic yells at children [AdultSwim]
Thanks to porkchpsandwch.

What's more RAWK! than staring a fire with headbanging? Apparently everything []

Real Archaelogist Digs Up Fact, Fiction of 'Angels & Demons' [Asylum]

And the Star Wars backlash begins ....NOW (Spoilers) [Coed]

Your Insane Wikipedia Page of the Day: Mary's Room: A thought experiment to blow your mind


Talking Heads OK With Torture, Not OK With Wanda Sykes [HuffPo Comedy]

Bill Cosby impressions are like assholes: Everybody’s got a really shitty one and they're far more likely to show them off on the internet. []

“This dance isn’t very safe AT ALL…” [Holy Taco]

Baby Preachers That Scare Us [Uncoached]

FUrL: The other side of classic FMLs []

Fucking with random strangers around the globe via Omegle is more fun than you'd expect [The Mirth Canal]
Thanks to Itrade.

Worst Day Ever: If you ever find yourself in this particular situation, just kiss your ass goodbye. [I-Am-Bored]

The hero we need, but not the hero we SERVED FOOL! [Fark]

WWE's The Rock sings about pie [YouTube]
Thanks to nchammer326 .

Classic Sitcom Themes: Fill in the Blank [Liquid Generation]

8-bit Grand Theft Auto meets Burger Time []

The Top 10 Secret Atheists [Askmen]

Christina Stefanidi probably added that di so she wouldn't have two first names. Also, she is attractive. []

How to get away from it all (including the feds) [Asylum]

Even creepier than these: the guy behind the counter. [Coed]

Your Insane Wikipedia Page of the Day: Traumatic insemination: Human females don't know how good they have it


Conan O'Brien Wants You Computer Nerds to Know, He Understands The Internet [HuffPo Comedy]

That’s Demetri Martin in a nutshell, all right… [Askmen]

The unluckiest game show contestant []

My Little Pony: Live-Action Michael Bay Trailer []
Thanks to Sa9jev.

Biff from Back to the Future performing musical haiku. You read that right, butthead. [I-Am-Bored]

69: always the right answer in any situation. [Fark]

Dinosaur Comics Randomizer []
Thanks to Driscoll .

This Mother's Day be grateful your parents aren't famous. [Liquid Generation]

Know who we need to render verdict on the rights of former Guantanamo detainees? The Ultimate Fucking Warrior. [Holy Taco]

Attention Ron Paul Fans: Have We Got a Vacation For You! [PoeTV]
Thanks to Johnny Roastbeef.

Every single Adult Swim Star Trek moment []

The Many Things Wolverine Is NOT The Best At []

The Free Hugs Prank []

What your sexual fantasies say about you. [Asylum]

Helicopter’s tail falls the fuck off for no good reason. [Coed]

Your Insane Wikipedia Page of the Day: Digit ratio: That middle school rumor about finger length may be backed by science


The most embarrassing pictures of the Hoff, which is saying something considering this is a grown-ass man who calls himself The Hoff. [Coed]

Your daily feel good video - Massive crowd sings 'Hey Jude' in Trafalgar square []

Look At This Fucking Hipster []
Thanks to Doctor Shenanigans.

Awesome Watchmen graffiti makes you feel like you wasted my life not doing Watchmen graffiti. [I-Am-Bored]

First you feel bad for laughing, then keyboard cat comes along and makes it worse [Fark]

Rodney Mullen can do impossible things on a skateboarding. [YouTube]
Thanks to Liquorish .

If Kool-Aid Ads Were Awkward [Liquid Generation]

Weird moments even by rock standards. [Holy Taco]

The chorus from the Die Hard music video will not be leaving your head any time soon [YouTube]
Thanks to Keroman.

The 10 Worst Basketball Scenes in Movies []

Abby M is an attractive young lady []

That power ranger is the saddest damn thing I've ever seen ... [Uncoached]

Dick Cheney, How'd HE Do? Letterman Takes On Cheney For Attacking Obama (VIDEO) [HuffPo Comedy]

10 Worst Hip Hop Crossovers [Askmen]

Ladies, you horrify us. [Asylum]

Your Insane Wikipedia Page of the Day: Is it possible to walk a completely unbroken path around the world? This guy's going to find out.


Montana Man Has Better Things To Do Than Serve On Jury Duty [Holy Taco]

A Terrifying Sequence of YouTube Videos [Mirth Canal]
Thanks to sr3116.

Best 'Sorry, I Hit Your Car' Note Ever [I-Am-Bored]

1500+ students descend on University of Kentucky library for flash rave [Fark]

My cat is a Christian [YouTube]
Thanks to Quagmar .

10 Funniest Adult Swim Cartoons [Liquid Generation]

We're just glad this site wasn't around when we were 12 years-old []
Thanks to Disco Stu.

Guns don't kill people, kittens do ... with guns (Flash Game) []

Rap Chop: Infomercials are much more entertaining remixed as catchy hip hop tunes []

The 10 Funniest Runway Model Wipeouts [Manofest]

British Choir Sings "What's My Age Again?" []

The Best in Face-Mask Fashion -- Surviving the Outbreak in Style [Asylum]

Holy Shit! Cincinatti has a real super hero, though he probably could have picked a better name ... [HuffPo Comedy]

The 10 Most Powerful Sports Agents [Askmen]

Your Insane Wikipedia Page of the Day: Who knew all the most famous prank calls had one source?


Hillbilly Beatboxing [Holy Taco]

3600 old VHS covers of movies that probably didn't make the leap to DVD [CoverBrowser]
Thanks to Sanchez.

Street musicians performing "Stand by Me" around the globe (Watch this now if you're having a bad day) []
Thanks to Kalli.

Why you shouldn't let quadruple amputees watch Disney sports movies: Quadruple Amputee Kyle Maynard Loses MMA Debut [MMA Fanhouse]
Thanks to Ninja .

South Park's Finest Celebrity Impersonations [Liquid Generation]

Zombie Hooker Nightmare: A Flash Game []

Natasha Q looks very little like the Q from Bond films []

101 Hot "Bikini Slave Leia" Photos [Manofest]

Weirdest Season of SNL Ever []

Larger Boobs Through Science? Yes we can! [Asylum]

Tony Danza rips on local news, not realizing he's on local news [Fark]

Snoutbreak '09: The "Daily Show" Mocks The Swine Flu Scare-Off [HuffPo Comedy]

"Financial Services" To Avoid [Askmen]

Mr Gay Rides Pluto the Lion [I-Am-Bored]

Vegetarians Are Harming the Environment [The Deadbeat]

Your Insane Wikipedia Page of the Day: Think you're rude to the missionaries that show up on your doorstep? Operation Auca.


It's a hot chick doing yoga! [The Daily Mail.]
Thanks to ginenbijnoam in the Mirth Canal.

Jimmy Kimmel Tests Terrible Toys On Unsuspecting Children [Huffington Post]

It's Japanese and called Don't Ram The Boobs. Yes. [Gorillamask]

Kundun got robbed. KUNDUN GOT ROBBED! [Ask Men]

Kanye and T-Pain's apprentice reads the news. [College Humor]

It's no "She Loves My Cock" by Jackyl but we dig it. [I Heart Chaos]

Where frat antics and D&D meet: naked wizard tasering (NSFW) [ Huffington Post]
Thanks to LeCompte in the Mirth Canal.

Samurai Toad and other villainous animals. [Holy Taco]

Where are the fake boobs? Playboys from your father's generation. [Playboy]
Thanks to Ripper in the Mirth Canal.

Matthew McConaughey is an abomination but he stands next to some foxy ladies from time to time. [Manofest]

Cheerleaders in slow motion. You're welcome. [I Am Bored]

Boner-killing William H. Macy has no business offering sex advice, but he does anyhow. [Asylum]

Great Scott! Back to the Future actually nailed some stuff. [11 Points]

10 potheads that put Cracked readers to shame. [Coed Magazine]

And finally, Your Insane Wikipedia Page of the Day: The Humanzee (or Manpanzee)


99 Things You Should Have Already Experienced On The Internet Unless You're a Loser or Old or Something []
Thanks to sadistic midget in the Mirth Canal.

Your Business Card is Crap []

The entire range of human emotion in a few seconds: Slow motion sneezing [GorillaMask]

The Five Toughest Cities in the World [Ask Men]

Legalize 'Shrooms! Or on second thought ... [College Humor]

The YouTube Whore: One of the most interesting species of Internet being. [Liquid Generation]

Of all the Samuel L Jackson movies to come true when Samuel L Jackson isn't around ... [Yahoo]
Thanks to Secret Agent in the Mirth Canal.

Guy passes the fuck out on Glenn Beck. Glenn Beck is less than helpful [YouTube]

Are unicorn tattoos a bad idea or an awesome one? After viewing this gallery we're still not sure ... [Holy Taco]

Quagmire's 10 Horniest Clips [Adult Swim]

15 Awesomely Giant Things [ Oddee ]

Hugh Laurie (Dr. House) explains American Slang vs. English Slang [I Am Bored]

Horrifying stories about losing one’s virginity. [Asylum]

Christian folk duo God's Pottery discovers Segways 10 years after everyone else [Fark]

10 Things From Your 20s That You’ll Regret When You’re 40 [Coed Magazine]

And finally, Your Insane Wikipedia Page of the Day: Incredibly gory death blast rips through four people on a small submarine: Thanks science!


Is The Happening actually happening? [FoxNews.]
Thanks to Snake Face in the Mirth Canal.

FoxNews Splits from the US [The Deadbeat]

Sara Ballint Loves That Wallpaper [GorillaMask]

Because Cracked can't always be around to horrify you, here's some skin growths to look at. [Ask Men]

Learning to Play Guitar to Get You Laid: Volume 1. [College Humor]

A Cool Vampire: [Liquid Generation]

Billy Mays orders McDonald's. [College Humor]
Thanks to sr3116 in the Mirth Canal.

Bad drawings of celebrities. [Holy Taco]

Eels! Eels! Eels! [Adult Swim]

99 Photos of Fail. [Manofest]

Hot beard growing action. [I Am Bored]

Promotions that are bad for your health. [Asylum]

The Wolf and The Pig. [Fark]

Veronika Zemanova! [Coed Magazine]

And finally, Your Insane Wikipedia Page of the Day: More than you ever need to know about Shredder's bumbling henchmen


Dirty Bird Special: Daily Show Explores STDs & Senior Sex [HuffPo Comedy]

Spike Jonze will adapt anything [YouTube]

You don't have to be crazy to own a costume shop, but.... oh wait, YES, YES you do [Fark]

Gentlemen and gentlemen: Natalie Noelle! [GorillaMask]

Fish make a lot of enemies. [Ask Men]

Batman can't get no respect. [College Humor]

What if your social network profile came to life after you logged out? []

TMZ reports that Snoop Dogg's wife is dead (she's not), uses clever word play "Deady-Dead" in the headline [MediaTakeout]

Goddamn Snarf [Liquid Generation]

PETA v. Aging Hipsters [CNN]
Thanks to Ominous Oat in the Mirth Canal.

God's Top Gun of Deliverance takes our breath away. [Holy Taco]

FoxNews does a timely report on 4Chan. [FoxNews]
Thanks to Schroeder in the Mirth Canal.

25 Celebrities if They Were Bald. [Manofest]

"I'm really taking a lichen to this tree." [I Am Bored]

Stephen Colbert and congressman go through the looking glass. [Asylum]

The dreams of every Star Wars fanboy have been realized. [Gizmodo]
Thanks to Secret Agent in the Mirth Canal.

A gallery of hot girls in bunny costumes. [Coed Magazine]

And finally, Your Insane Wikipedia Page of the Day: Cultural Depictions of Philadephia


Disney stopped trying pretty early on. []

The Odyssey, as composed in Twitter. [Holy Taco]

The Cracked writers make retarded Xtranormal videos! [TheMirthCanal]
Be sure to check out the the contributions from Nathan Birch and Sanchez.

It's a compendium of America's best political cartoons! And they're all terrible! [TheMirthCanal]
Thanks to Lieutenant.

Kim Kardashian is Photoshopped [Liquid Generation]

Brandi Pierce has that girl next door (to Hugh Heffner's neighbor) thing going for her []

Scenes from a Japanese dick festival. [Asylum]

If you close your eyes Rachael Ray isn’t so bad… [Fark]

Know what’s in your sushi? [Askmen]

Colbert: Secular Stormtroopers Wage War On Easter (VIDEO) [HuffPo Comedy]

The Foot Thong [I-Am-Bored]

Truly fuckable Nerf guns. [Popular Mechanics]

And finally, Your Insane Wikipedia Page of the Day: The List of the 86 Different Pepsi Types is about 84 Entries Too Long.


History is full of firsts. We made that observation f1rst, n00b. []

While most children shows were conceived on bad acid, this one stars a bald monk on acid interacting with children [Fark]

Terrifying baby snuggle or "Quaid ... start the reactor. Free Mars!" [

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