Fido Presents: Cracked's Top 7 Halloween Articles

Here at Cracked, we're extremely excited for the DVD release of Fido. The more cynical among you have suggested that our excitement stems from an ad campaign currently running on our site advertising the zombie comedy (which the New York Times calls a "tickilishly amusing satire").

To that we say: How dare you imply something so sinister! Not about Cracked, we're used to your vitriol, but about this "strangely wholesome, gently splattery and adorably gory" film. (By the way, that quote was from the Toronto Star and they pretty much hate everything.)

In honor of Fido's hilarious combination of humor and gore, we've collected seven of our finest Halloween Humor articles to get you in the mood for everyone's favorite October Holiday: Fido DVD Release Day on October 23rd.

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Insane Japanese Halloween Costumes

If you thought their animation, pornography and animated pornography was weird, wait till you see these 33 bizarre costumes.

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The 33 Most Unsettling German Halloween Costumes

We were so happy with what we found in Japan that we decided to go to the other end of the weird spectrum and see what the Germans get up to at the end of October. We were not disappointed. We were, however, totally weirded out.

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The 5 Creepiest Urban Legends (That Happen to Be True)

You know those stories you tell your friends every Halloween about that terrifying stuff that happened to a guy you totally know? You might not have been lying for once.

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11 Bad Good Horror Movies You Need to See

Unlike Good-Good horror movies (Fido for instance) these films are so unintentionally inept, they're actually pretty awesome.

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Truly Scary Halloween Decorations

Is writing Boo! on a paper ghost really scaring anyone? Want to actually terrify Tricker Treaters while teaching them about the cold hard realities of life? We've got you covered.

Spook-tacular Halloween Jokes

If there's one thing kids like it's a good clean Halloween joke. If you're a kid and that's what you like, you probably shouldn't read this.

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10 Horror Movie Franchises
That Wouldn't Die

Ten film franchises that came back from the dead a few dozen times too many. Pretty much the opposite of Fido, which could spawn a million trillion sequels and we'd be nothing but happy.

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