World War II

World War II: the war so nice they fought it twice! Ha ha…look, it's not easy to write jokes about war, especially one where the Holocaust, Nanking massacre, and Japanese internment camps all happened. Knock knock / who's there? / we're depressed / we're depressed who? / we're depressed because WWII almost had way worse weapons. See? Difficult writing. 

That's not to say there weren't hijinks. A Finnish soldier accidentally OD'ed on meth in World War II. A bear fought for Poland in World War II. There were even fake German airfields the US fake-bombed. Come on, all of those sound like Monty Python sketches. Besides hijinks, there were unsung heroes. There was the “limping lady,” a one-legged socialite-turned US spy. There were the Italian doctors made up a fake disease to save Jewish lives. Heck, even groups as disparate as conscientious objectors and mobsters helped the war effort. And bridging the gap between hijinks and heroism? The “Mad Bomber” George Metesky.

We'll leave you with one last thing, in case you need to pull one over on that uncle who's a little too into WWII: a good old-fashioned Cracked article debunking WWII myths. Happy reading, don't be a Nazi!


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