Wild Stunts And Campaigns These 24 Companies Actually Pulled

Wild Stunts And Campaigns These 24 Companies Actually Pulled

Getting a company or organization's message out is tricky. Hell, there's an entire monolithic industry devoted to motivating consumers to care about your thing. And audiences just get more jaded over time. Which means that promotional companies are constantly coming up with genuinely weird ways to get their clients' message out. The bar keeps getting higher and higher. Often meeting it means trying to be funny - and we know how that goes: it's often a mixed bag.

The Burger King that dressed up as a dead McDonald's for Halloween? That's pretty apex. Jose Cuervo putting tequila in water fountains? We're not so sure that was such a great idea. Blackberry actually hired models to flirt with dudes in bars all in a ploy to get their phone numbers. That one, that one we're not even sure was legal. 

Here are some more campaigns, stunts, and promos that otherwise reasonable companies actually rolled out.

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