Wild Stunts And Campaigns These 24 Companies Actually Pulled

Maybe it’s time to start thinking inside the box again.
Wild Stunts And Campaigns These 24 Companies Actually Pulled

Getting a company or organization's message out is tricky. Hell, there's an entire monolithic industry devoted to motivating consumers to care about your thing. And audiences just get more jaded over time. Which means that promotional companies are constantly coming up with genuinely weird ways to get their clients' message out. The bar keeps getting higher and higher. Often meeting it means trying to be funny - and we know how that goes: it's often a mixed bag.

The Burger King that dressed up as a dead McDonald's for Halloween? That's pretty apex. Jose Cuervo putting tequila in water fountains? We're not so sure that was such a great idea. Blackberry actually hired models to flirt with dudes in bars all in a ploy to get their phone numbers. That one, that one we're not even sure was legal. 

Here are some more campaigns, stunts, and promos that otherwise reasonable companies actually rolled out.

CRACKED.COM MOLDITOEGON In 2010, GoldToe -- an undergarment company - put a pair of briefs on Wall Street's iconic statue, the Charging Bull, to promo
Long before Twitch, Burger King introduced the Subservient Chicken A man in a chicken suit acted out hundreds of demands, and in turn, Burger King g
Uberpool was marketed directly to people stuck in traffic. ACANS >. Cure rna atas J-28-64 Uber used drones that flew right in front of cars and carrie
A Burger King in Queens, New York dressed up as the ghost of McDonald's during Halloween. BURGER KING McDots M DONALS 866000 MAPPYWALLOWEEN The sign r
In 2002, Sony Ericsson planted fake tourists in Times Square to ask random people to take their pictures. CRAtN (J Lncsson sony With their new T68i mo
In 2001, Taco Bell capitalized on the fact that millions of people would be watching the decommission of the GRm Russian Mir Space Station. LTACO TASO
To promote a tablet, a Dell employee dressed up as a robber. Dell employee Bryan Chester entered a crowded Dell store wearing a biker mask and carryin
CRACKEDOON What better way to get customers to try public transportation than to stage a head-on collision? In 1896, that is exactly what the Missouri
CRACKED CO Tropicana installed an artificial sun in Trafalgar Square to promote their fruit juice. The 'sun' produced 4 million lumens of light (imagi
Jose Cuervo put tequila in water fountains. uervo On National Tequila Day (July 24, 2017), they set up three tequila fountains in Los Angeles and let
CRACKED.COM THQ Nordic decided to promote their games by doing an AMA on 8Chan. ORDIC NORDIC In case you don't know, 8Chan is where all the pedophiles
In 2010, Blackberry hired actresses to flirt with men in bars. The goal was to hand the guy her Blackberry and have him enter his number. CRACKED COM
DAO The gambling website GoldenPalace.com paid $650,00 for the naming rights of a newly discovered monkey species. The species' name became Callicebus
Mattel painted a whole street pink to celebrate CRAGN Barbie's Pink Month. They carpeted the road and sprayed facades and roofs in Ash Street, Salford
CRACKEDOON Ubisoft thought it was a good idea to market 1 Watch Dogs by sending an unmarked beeping safe to an Australian news outlet. The inevitable
CRACKEDC ATARI released a Marlboro-branded version of their handheld, LYNX, in Germany. It came with Marlboro Go, a dirt bike racing game, because not
To celebrate Christmas 2007, Travelodge in the UK offered a free room to any committed couple who could prove their names were Mary and Joseph. Travel
In 2015, Sprite erected showers shaped like Sprite fountains on beaches around the world. Sprite Jiest Sprle Sme CUTTHROUGH THEHEAT
GRACKEDOON WELCOME half. com OREGON America's First Dot-com City In 1999, the e-commerce site Half.com convinced the town of Halfway, Oregon to change
CAPCOM OPENED A HUMAN' MEAT SHOP TO PROMOTE RESIDENT EVIL 6. LEET 4 a For two days in 2012, Wesker & Son (Wesker is the main villain of the series) w
Wild Stunts And Campaigns These 24 Companies Actually Pulled
CRACKEDCO In 1959, 38 ships dumped 150,000 Guinness bottles into the sea. AR YO0Z stroegs decrets reamniend Gest? An ad from a bottle The bottles, whi
R IKEA N wants you to pee on their ad. It's a magazine ad that uses the same technology as pregnancy test kits, which will reveal a discount if you ar
A KFC in Louisville, KY sold fried chicken ases for $20. Prom goers could choose between original recipe, or extra crispy. CRAGN
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