US History

What can we say about US History without incurring the wrath of all sides of the political spectrum? Let's try: “America founded on Native genocide and built on the backs of enslaved Africans until it became the greatest God-fearing country in the world." No? Everyone's still mad? Ah well. One part of that sentence isn't even true anyway. Let's stick to what is true: 

First—y'know, since they lived on the land first—let's look at some Native American protests. And we'd be remiss if we didn't debunk Civil Rights Movement myths. Or maybe, since the United States was founded on revolution, we could look at some failed American revolutions. Yep, hilariously dumb things are an American tradition. This is a society easily influenced by pop culture…well, as long as pop culture is significantly whitewashed. More more of the complicated, confounding journey that is US history? Read on: 


6 Sacred Icons of American Culture That Aren't Even American

No matter what metaphor you use to describe the United States' heterogeneous origins, there are nonetheless those facets of American culture that are widely regarded as uniquely (and sacredly) American. Well, guess what? They came from everywhere else.

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