The Future

Whether we like it or not, the future keeps on coming. Literally this sentence is becoming past as we type it. Can you believe that? We thought time was a flat circle but it just keeps on keepin' on, man. Okay, before this edible kicks in any more, let's get to some serious talk: Predicting the future is hard, and usually full of stupid ideas. Nowhere is this funnier than with the future of movies. It's a little bit less funny when we talk about drinking our own pee on purpose or colleges collapsing. The optimistic view is that if we identify problems early, maybe the future won't suck. Maybe we'll get one of those good futures, like Demolition Man. At least there's Taco Bell in that future.

6 Insane Attempts to Communicate With the Future

Time travel is probably not going to happen. But that's doesn't mean we can't at least communicate with the distant future. With nothing more than a message to send and a ludicrous amount of funding, there are all sorts of projects to preserve messages for your great-great-(great-great-great...) grandchildren.

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