15 Terrible Ideas and Off-the-Mark Predictions About The Future Of Movies

So many people completely failed to anticipate what moviegoers would want.
15 Terrible Ideas and Off-the-Mark Predictions About The Future Of Movies

On January 10th, 1888, Louis Le Prince registered the first British patent for a camera that was able to capture motion through a series of still prints. Since then, “film” as it would eventually be called was taken in so many different directions for over a century. With those directions would come various technologies in an attempt to improve or enhance the experience of watching pretty pictures move in front of our faces along with predictions about where the newly growing film industry would go.

Many of those would be totally, completely, and utterly wrong. Or stupid. Or stupidly wrong. Some of these “enhancements” include a way to improve the audio-visual experience by adding scent into the mix. Others were predictions that this over-the-air, flash-in-the-pan invention called “television” would never quite take off like the talkies did.

Here is a list of predictions and tech invented for the future of movies that have become debunked fodder for fun look-backs like this.

Oculus' CINEVR

Terrible ideas about the future of movies oculus Rift's CINEVR. The CINEVR service creates a virtual reality movie theater experience. Aside from the cost of VR home tech and neck pain when watching long movies, there are complaints of bugs and film selection. Honestly, why not just go to an actual theater? CRACKED.COM

Source: Oculus

James Cameron

CRACKED.COM Terrible ideas about the future of movies critics keep betting against James cameron's high budgets. Every time James Cameron has directed the most expensive movie ever made, most critics and film pundits predicted that he couldn't make a profit - and he's consistently proved them wrong.


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