The Cold War

The Cold War gave us James Bond, so we figured researching the Cold War would be like a fun time with a good drinking buddy, perhaps on a beach. Instead, researching the Cold War was like hanging out with your buddy whose drinking has become a problem, suddenly he owns a lot of guns, and you aren't sure exactly why you're on a beach. So basically a James Bond movie. 

Don't get us jokers and kidders wrong, the Cold War was terrifying. Besides, the Cold War was frequently stupid. And how else can we cope, except with jokes, knowing the Cold War was so serious and hilarious that anything you read is totally believable. Play “Two Truths And A Lie” about the Cold War and you could say “the DEA gave Joseph McCarthy morphine, mail order brides started as a CIA program so JFK could get laid by Russian women, or Reagan and Gorbachev agreed to team up against aliens,” and you're still not sure there's a single lie in there. Actually, go ahead and read all these articles, just to make sure:

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5 Ridiculous Cold War Myths You Probably Believe

The Cold War was a 40-year pissing contest in which the entire world's population kept a constant eye on the news, with a never-ending fear that one side or the other would whap their big, red Armageddon button first.

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