Even if your parents call them “I wish you could find other ways to express yourself,” tattoos are undeniably rad. Sorry, Mom and Dad, you showed us Popeye cartoons to try and get us to eat spinach? All we learned was “tattoos are rad.” Okay, sure. Some tattoos are regrettable. And some tattoos can get you sued for copyright infringement. But the noble art of skin inking is just that—a noble art. It takes years of study and precise technique just to get even one color-filled winged heart on a normal person's bicep, let alone a full-grown biker's bicep. 

And we can't talk tattoos and the nobility of the art form without mentioning Jacci Gresham, founder of the first female-owned tattoo parlor in the United States. So next time your parents say tattoos are only for drugged-out criminals and lowlifes, tell them about the segregation-busting innovator who revolutionized tattooing darker skin.

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