Faster than a speeding bullet, superheroes took over movies and TV. Not that we're complaining, we love superheroes! Well, sometimes we're complaining. It's a whole back-and-forth, pendulum type of thing. We grew up with superheroes, so we feel like we can call them out when they're messing up. We want superheroes to be their best selves. Just like our non-fictional friends. Who are real. And non-fictional. And still our friends, despite not being superheroes. 

Even the worst superhero movies have cool scenes. Even the most dated comic trends are interesting (what if the masked people killed regular people?) And don't scoff at us like we're children, superheroes have been around for centuries. So please: drape a towel around your shoulders like a cape, borrow your mom's cat-eye sunglasses to use as a mask, and read up on Cracked's coverage of superheroes:

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