Dane Cook

Picture the scene: it's 2005. You're in college, chugging Beer 30 at your buddies' apartment that he shares with an aspiring Dashboard Confessional type dude. You've just finished a round of Guitar Hero and eaten a pre-garlic butter crust Domino's pizza when your friend says “let's put on Dane Cook's Vicious Circle.” Life will never…actually, life gets way better than this, don't worry. 

Dane Cook's meteoric rise and dramatic fall was chronicled on this website in 2022, ten years after we published “5 Celebrities Who Get More Hate Than They Deserve.” It does feel like an eternity since Dane Cook was so everywhere the word “ubiquitous” lost its meaning. In 2010, we were so sick of Dane Cook we cheered his death in Mr. Brooks; in 2022, we wonder if Dane Cook is due for a comeback. Time will tell, and public memory is short. Besides, in 2022, would you rather see Dane Cook or Louis CK anyway? 


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The success of magazines like People, Star and Us Weekly isn't predicated on how interested humanity is in Blake Lively's new dress, the issues sell because dental patients and grocery shoppers want to see if Blake Lively has caught on fire yet.

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